Prolong The Agony - All We Are If there is one thing I probably have never been called, it is hardcore. I could have been considered hardcore about certain things long ago, but those things have softened with time and age. I have not played my drums for quite some time, and I cannot remember the last time I bought a comic book. The one thing I have been dedicated to is listening/collecting music. The hardcore flavor is not one that I have a large amount, being that I prefer mostly metal in my hardcore. Metalcore has been a much-maligned genre, with what seems like only a few bands receiving any real recognition. Although, when I see a band listed as metalcore on the ThisIsNotAScene promo list, I am always hoping to find the next Misery Signals. With that comes Prolong The Agony.  Founded in 2010, the quintet from Portsmouth, England, have supporting the likes of Tonight Alive, Iwrestledabearonce and Crossfaith. Their latest EP, “All We Are,” was released on In At The Deep End Records on April 20, 2015.

Opener ‘Dead Dreams’ sets the mood. Lyrics like “it’s OK to feel dead inside” let you know this is not going to be your typical repeated cry of “us against the world.” ‘Counting The Days’ another vocally strong track, is supported by alternating light and heavy breakdowns. ‘Loved And Lost’ fades in with huge, warbling reverb. Vocalist Larry Welling hopefully bellows “One day, we’ll reach above the clouds,” calling for the listener to rise up with him. ‘Backstabbers’ brings it all back into perspective. Dark, chugging, and pissed off, the “In time, I hope I see you fall from grace,” refrain is the lyrical equivalent of karma bitch! Closing track ‘Loveless’ pulls a little bit from all that came before it, rotating the riffs and the breakdowns into a potent ending.

Prolong The Agony follow the standard metalcore template: down-tuned riffs, br00tal breakdowns, aggressive verses, and melodic choruses. However, “All We Are” feels a little thicker and more serious than your usual metalcore fare. Even though the song structure may be old hat, the lyrical content and quality of delivery make Prolong The Agony a band to watch out for.

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