Profane and the Sacred -  Chapter 1: A Long Time ComingThere is always room for a new Stoner Rock band in my view, world, and indeed, collection. So, having the fortunate opportunity to hear Profane and the Sacred, a new London based outfit, whose self-confessed influences are Clutch, Corrosion of Conformity, Down, Crowbar, Karma to Burn, Black Sabbath, Free and Led Zeppelin, fills me with some excitement and expectation. As it goes it’s a pretty good reflection and description of what you will you find on this their debut album via Cargo Records label.

Profane and the Sacred definitely define their sound with meaty riffs and plenty of tempo changes. The album opens with the eventual chugging, groove of ‘Bench’, which is one of four of my standout tracks, and continues with ‘Bleed the Stone’ both in the style of Sabbath’s Symptom of the Universe style tempo. They combine the stoner element of their sound with their early 70’s influences in ‘Weather the storm’ where they foray into bluesy territory successfully.

The first single ‘From the top’ and the seven minute ‘Words’ are my other highlights. They flex their quiet and loud capabilities on the later combining big riffs and quality stoner rock grooving, along with nimble bass lines and guitar finger picking harmonies not that dissimilar to Iron Maiden’s quiet segment in ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’.

There is some point on all of the tracks, except the acoustic instrumental closer ‘A new leaf’, where the riffs and grooves seduce horn salutes and head nodding, but where they don’t quite deliver, and so fall short behind there heroes, is consistently enhancing their potential into memorable slabs of rock/metal. This is the crux of the problem with ‘All for none’, ‘You know’, and ’Just a little’. It’s a case of nice touches here and there but never quite reaching the heights to levitate themselves from being rooted as a band with potential. But potential they do have, as Profane and the Sacred are clearly accomplished musicians and the sound they create is good and promising.

Profane and the Sacred – Official Website