papa roach tour posterIts hard to imagine for some people that we are looking at a tour poster for a sold out Papa Roach in 2015. We all know that history likes to pretend that Nu Metal never happened, and the somewhat obnoxious small minded indie peddlers at the NME will do everything in their power to tell you its the worst thing going, but that’s great thing about music, it stands on its own.

Papa Roach are a band that is almost as resilient as the creature with which they share their name, and its a testament to not only the fact that they are still standing but they appear to be even more popular than ever before, so really who is having the last laugh?

But before we get to the main course of Papa Roach tonight we have the starters of The One Hundred and Coldrain to get through.

First band up of the night are The One Hundred, who are a young upcoming band from The UK, bringing a bit of home with them. They didn’t do much for me, they are youthfully exuberant, but their rap- rock thing doesn’t tread any new ground and is largely an outdated mess. They get points for putting in some effort to get the crowd moving and waking them up a bit, but they have little else going for them in the music department, which is a shame because it seems the hype in this case is entirely unjustified.

Coldrain are another band right now riding in on the crest of a wave, after a great showing at last years Download Festival as well as a well received return supporting fellow countrymen Crossfaith at the tail end of last year. They have put in their share of time over on these shores, so it would appear they have their fair share of fans in the audience tonight. Coldrain seemingly get it, and know how to put on a show, they hit the ground running and don’t put a foot out of place for the entirety of their set. Tonight they stick largely to material from “The Revelation” which makes sense as its the one album UK audiences are really familiar with. They pack in a lot of energy and provide the crowd with a lot of moments to get involved in, also with songs like ‘The Revelation’ and the epic sounding ‘War is on’ sounding absolutely huge, there is a real danger of them stealing the spotlight from under the headliners nose. Tonight Coldrain came, saw and made a lasting impression.

The stage is set for tonight’s main event, the incomparable Papa Roach. A band that many saw as almost rans that have grown into one of the world’s best rock bands. Tonight they are definitely not messing around either opening with a triple header of ‘F.E.A.R’, ‘Getting Away With Murder’ and ‘Between Angels and Insects’ proving that no one gets a party started quite like the Roach. As mentioned before it seems like no matter what life throws at Papa Roach they always come back stronger, and they are never stronger than they are in the live setting. It helps that they have a largely crowd pleasing set in their arsenal, and they have an absolute mad man for a frontman. Jacoby Shaddix may be one of the most consistent yet underrated front men in all of rock, he is the heart and soul of Papa Roach and tonight he is full of more energy than a daycare centre left unattended with a crate full of Red Bulls.

It also shows just how far Papa Roach have come and developed over their career, it also shows just how well they have aged as well that the material from ‘Infest’ they play tonight sounds just as fresh, if not even more so now than it did when it was first released some 15 years ago, and the new material from the latest album ‘F.E.A.R’ fits nicely alongside it.

Its also interesting to see so many youngsters in tonight’s audience who are seeing Papa Roach for the very first time and seeing how they react to hearing the ‘Infest’ era material live, especially when you consider some of the songs are older than they are. Papa Roach have become one of those bands that now transcends generations.

When all is said and done, whether they are wishing each other happy birthday, or causing massive circle pits and singalongs one thing is certain and that is that Papa Roach much like a fine wine definitely get much better with age.

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Photos by Sabrina Ramdoyal.