Opeth - Damnation and DeliveranceSure to please old fans as well as open the door for newcomers, Opeth releases a reissue of its two finest albums to date, in complete 5.1 sound, together as they originally intended them to be.

First off, I’m a bit biased with these, as Opeth‘s “Damnation” was one of the first albums that I ever heard when I was 14 years old and just starting to discover this whole “metal” scene.  “Deliverance” is a great album that was, at the time, the culmination of Opeth‘s trademark growling vocals mixed with heavy, complex, and dream-like metal riffs. “Damnation,” on the other hand, was a stark contrast to what Opeth had become known for. It had no growling vocals, a completely stripped-down, atmospheric sound, and no distortion riffs.

Despite this, it still managed to be an intense and powerful masterpiece, and managed to hang on to the Opeth that fans had become used to while simultaneously re-inventing itself to feature something bold and new. Like what Disturbed had done with the track ‘Darkness’ off of “Believe,” except applied to the entire album instead of just one track.

Even after 13 years, “Damnation” continues to be a surprising and intriguing addition to Opeth‘s signature sound. Except now, it comes with high quality stereo and 5.1 sound, breathing even more life into the atmospheric, haunting tones of ‘Death Whispered A Lullaby’ (featuring Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree). The lonely, sweeping melodies of ‘Hope Leaves’ feel even more immersive in that higher quality sound, while ‘Ending Credits’ takes you away on an otherworldly adventure.
“Deliverance” also gets the sound treatment, giving much more of an edge to the already fierce tracks ‘Master’s Apprentices’ and ‘Wreath.’ The technical complexity of tracks like ‘Deliverance’ are even more abrasive and off-putting in the higher quality sound, giving it a much harsher punch than before.

All in all, the reissue of two of Opeth‘s greatest albums is sure to please fans for the higher sound quality, as well as roll out the carpet for newcomers as they immerse themselves in the haunting, atmospheric, and otherworldly sounds of Opeth.

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