No Devotion - PermanenceWithout a doubt one of my most anticipated albums of the year was the debut album by No Devotion, the new band formed by former members of Thursday and Lostprophets. After hearing their first two pre-release songs earlier in the year, I knew this would be a must listen.

Vocalist Geoff Rickly summed the band name up by saying that its members have “No Devotion to our former bands” and one listen to the bands full length debut “Permanence” whole heartedly reinforces that point, as this is completely different animal than what has come before.

This is an album awash with 80’s new wave and indie influences, full of textured synths, pulsing bass and heartachingly beautiful vocals that are at time reminiscent of The Cure and to a more modern end Interpol. In fact perhaps the biggest compliment I can pay this album is by saying it is the best album that The Cure never released.

The two aforementioned pre-release songs ‘Eyeshadow’ and ‘Stay’ along with ‘Permanent Sunlight’ are the perfect example of what No Devotion do so well here, simple yet expansive melodies, vocal hooks to die for and darkly poetic lyrics all wrapped up in a tight production that really allows them to soar.

“Permanence” is an album that opens its arms to you and draws you in and welcomes you, but doesn’t reveal all of its secrets right away. No, this is an album that requires you spend some time with it to really soak it all in to find the hidden things you missed the first time around. An album that is ripe with layers and rich in emotion, it will reward you for your patience by creating one of the most enjoyable listens of this, or any year.

Given the calibre of the talent involved in the making of this album, it’s hardly a surprise that it is so self-assured and confident sounding, whilst managing to still retain a hint of vulnerability. This is an album that is as close to perfection as music gets and marks the start of a bold and bright future for No Devotion.

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