Leprous - The Congregation“The Congregation” is huge, superbly brilliant, and an absolute joy to listen to. Combining progressive rock with a post-metal vibe, Leprous‘ latest album is a masterclass in the creation of music and throughout it’s 1 hour and 5 minute length, it will encapsulate the listener and give them an extraordinary piece of music, one which they may not have discovered given Leprous‘ lack of press.

‘The Price’, the album’s lead single, starts the chain and it never really ceases. Clever subtle verse patterns, and huge memorable choruses are epitomised in this song, and whilst the pattern continues no two songs sound the same. ‘Third Law’ explores more aggressive song-making techniques yet when the dark, passionate, and epic chorus is the centre piece of this song.

‘Rewind’ is possibly the gem of this album, perfectly crafted in every sense, right down to the percussion additions in the background. The intro alone can be listened to on repeat; fantastic swirling patterns and spiraling percussion. Once it’s finished the listener is left desiring more. This song invokes more than just appreciation for music, and talent, but unearths emotions and attitudes that few songs can manifest in a person. It adopts a heavier approach instrumentally, eventually incorporating harsher vocals, but this doesn’t detract from what it a brilliant song.

‘Triumphant’ too has a spectacular build up, as well as a passionate and emotive chorus. The latter half of the album, however, explores slightly different territory, but remains equally impressive. ‘Moon’ is a notable addition here.

‘Within my Fence’ seemingly strays from the album’s direction, however, it’s not radical enough to be considered wildly different, and is still a great song to be included on “The Congregation”.

“The Congregation” is incredible, it’s only detraction is that it isn’t full of songs that are incredibly epic, songs that you will take to the grave; there are enough, however, to earn “The Congregation” the positive plaudits it will receive, and the songs that aren’t are still brilliant.