King Parrot - Dead SetAustralian crossover mob King Parrot have achieved quite a lot in their short career to date, with their debut release being picked up by Candlelight Records and the band picking up some decent support slots on high profile tours in just the past couple of years. They have followed this up with “Dead Set”, a little over half-an-hour of grinding hardcore flavoured sludgy thrash, which although being quite contrasting sounds, ends up as a great combination of styles and offers up something very different to a lot of other releases out there today.


The album opens with ‘Anthem Of The Advanced Sinner’, a chaotic 90 second blur of vicious thrash that really sets the scene for the rest of the album. ‘Need No Saviour’ carries on with that sound (which is almost ever present through the album), although it does introduce some slower bludgeoning riffs. The next couple of tracks are a bit more straightforward, with ‘Hell Comes Your Way’ and its more old-school approach, and the hardcore vibe of ‘Like A Rat’, although it does take a bit of a turn with ‘Tomorrow Turns To Blood’ which throws in an intro with an almost ’90’s death metal sound, which had been hinted at earlier but really takes hold on this.


The latter part of the album follows a similar style to the first few tracks, with ‘Sick In The Head’ bringing back a slower, heavier sound and ‘Reject’ with its all-out Bay Area thrash assault.  The album closes with the title track, and after a furious start it slowly degenerates into a huge breakdown, the type of riff, that will send 1000 deathcore bands running scared, which gradually gets slower and heavier until it is eventually drowned out by feedback, leaving the listener slightly on edge after the preceding 34 minutes.



Granted, their core sound is nothing particularly new or groundbreaking but they have introduced some new ideas and styles and play around with them a bit through the album’s short life, and approaches the old, well-worn crossover genre from a slightly different perspective. This means the album sounds fresh as well as familiar and proves that it isn’t just another nostalgic throwback but definitely a band to keep an eye on. A short, sharp shock of an album that actually achieves everything it threatens to, and that’s a rarity in itself nowadays. Now, I just need to hear some of these tracks live!

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