It seems like forever since Karnivool released an album, even though it’s only been two years since the release of “Asymmetry”. The Aussie Tool have been a regular feature over here with a series of festival dates, headline tours and generally being here, there and indeed everywhere. But as the “Asymmetry” world tour draws to a close and the band begin to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their terrific debut album “Themata” the band commemorate the occasion with their biggest headline shows to date.

Kicking off the night were London djent based bringers of bounce Monuments, who as that long intro suggests are backing more bounce than most of the 90’s Nu metal bands combined and I don’t need to tell you that there is a lot of bounce in there. Thought the djent sound and movement has now gone staler than a piece of bread in the Sahara, Monuments are still flying the flag for the genre and no one can deny that their down tuned drop D riffs do pack a load of infectious grooves.

Despite the endless breaks in between songs for the band to retune the bands set does carry well, with a particular highlight involving down tuned Meshuggah mentalness meets New York Scorecese soundtrack-esque jazz saxophone. The band do have the musical chops there’s no doubt that, but to the casual non Djent-head there set does kind of blend into one down tuned riff. Monuments seemingly fall into the annoyingly long stretch of bands who are still copying the ‘Spit it Out’ “Jump the fuck up!!” spot in their sets, though it does get the crowd going, you can see the people’s eyes rolling as they get down for the jump.

Next come tonights headliners Karnivool who chronologically crush their way through their discography with a stunning display of alt rock, metal and shoe gaze. Starting through the more straight forward Tool inspired alt rock of “Themata” through the more experimental yet still huge sounding “Sound Awake” and finishing from an encore from their most recent album “Asymmetry”. The band showcase their discography in the best way possible by cherry picking the best of their catalogue and displaying it in the most spectacular manner possible.

The likes of ‘Shutterspeed’ and the title track from “Themata” mix effortlessly with the jagged, angular tracks off “Sounds Awake” with the exceptional ‘New Day’ providing a stunning and emotion filled end of the main set with a mass sing along. Ending on the triumphant ‘Aeons’ and a selection from “Asymmetry” , Karnivool show that they are truly established in the metal world and are no longer that little Australian band who sound a bit like Tool as some still represent them to be. The leaps and bounds they have come on since the last time they were over has been a great revelation and becoming more of the band they have always promised to become. By the time they have a new album under their belt in a few years time, the UK maybe Karnivool‘s for the taking.

1. C.O.T.E.
2. Shutterspeed
3. Roquefort
4. Themata
5. Goliath
6. Set Fire to the Hive
7. All I Know
8. Deadman
9. New Day
10. Encore:
9. Asymmetry
10. Alpha Omega
11. We Are
12. The Refusal
13. Aeons

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Photos by Sabrina Ramdoyal.