Jaded Star - Memories From The FutureIn 2013 ex Visions of Atlantis singer Maxi Nil and Iced Earth drummer Raphael Saini joined forces, hired Kosta Vret (guitars) and Babis Nikou (bass/synth) and formed Jaded Star. Hailing from Greece the modus operandi on their debut album “Memories From The Future” is symphonic metal. You are greeted with 45 minutes of catchy and commercial metal infused with plenty of intensity and melodrama, very similar to Maxi Nils previous band Visions of Atlantis.

‘Wake Up’ captures the emotive and sleek metal wonderfully, complete with an annoying memorable chorus. The musicianship on show is high, all are consummate professionals who know how to create an angst ridden guitar heavy number. ‘Keep on Fighting’ achieves this with a light touch of, mostly drowned out, synth. The highlight of the melodramatic metal being ‘Healing The Inner Child’ which is just as intense and heavy but offers moments of light amongst the shade, with a sweet guitar outro by Kosta Vret.

The main downfall of this record though is that the guitars pounding rhythm and the towering levels of melodrama are near enough constant. Ten songs of pulsating metal overwrought with defiantly emotional lyrics becomes quite overbearing, grating on you during repeated listens. The amps are turned down for the remorseful ballad ‘In Memory’, low key acoustic guitars provide a much welcomed change of pace but the sentiment still reads like a particularly tearful diary entry. ‘Over the hills you wanna fly, over the rivers that you’ve cried, over the mountains where everything subsides.’

A very impassioned album of sleekly made heavy melodic metal, but the near constant attack of ardent emotion and melodrama twinned with the pounding guitars become wearisome.

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