Insanity - Visions of ApocalypseDespite lacking a clear focus, the new album by Insanity offers a lot of hardcore and aggressive melodies to scratch your hard rock itch.

The album starts out well enough, with growling vocals, fast drum beats and lots of intensity. The intensity never lets up throughout the album, and each track offers fast beats with heavy, aggressive vocals fueled by powerful riffs and some out-of-left-field drum fills.

The final track, aptly titled ‘Visions of Apocalypse,’ is one of the most energetic, epic, and thrash-filled songs I’ve heard. Starting out with a 9/11 speech that is more than a little dated, the song combines pause-for-effects with faster drum fills and full-throttle riffs that evoke a feeling of Dream Theater’s similar idea in the album/track “Octavarium.” It’s legendary, heavy, fast, slow, cleverly structured while completely all over the place all at the same time.

However, while each track has a lot to offer and the final track is ridiculous, the tracks feel a little disjointed from each other, without much of a consistent theme despite suggesting that the apocalyptic theme would run throughout. Each track works well enough on its own, but it seems more like each was made individually and then thrown together into the album with no clear unifying string or definite order.

Despite this, “Visions of Apocalypse” is a hell of an album that will more than definitely provide that thrash metal fix you’ve been looking for.

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