Indian Handcrafts - Creeps album

A unique mix of stoner metal and progressive metal, “Creeps” is Indian Handcrafts‘ third full-length album featuring a nice blend of mellow sounds with progressive technicality.

I never would have thought the words “mellow” and “progressive” could be used together, since mellow music is more about a relaxed, atmospheric sound while progressive usually features intense, highly technical riffs. That was until I heard Creeps, which at times features Tool-like chaotic time signatures, and at other times sounds like something you’d hear on the festival circuit at Venice Beach in 2002.

You can hear this right from the get-go, as the first track ‘Down at the Docks’ starts with a slow intro, but soon amps up the tempo and intensity throughout the majority of the track, finally slowing down almost to a stop by the outro.

‘Murderers for Hire’ and ‘Degenerate Case’ are the more progressive tracks off the album, featuring faster and more complex riffs that never let up. While ‘Divider’ is perhaps the most mellow of the album, with a much slower progression interlaced with some faster interludes.

“Rat Faced Snorter,” the last track of the album, is a slow-burn kind of track, starting with heavy, dragging riffs that drag so heavily it’s almost a lullaby. It’s probably my favorite track from the album for its length for its blend of mellow, dragging sounds with faster, more intense riffs. Also, the time signatures are all over the place, sounding something akin to the masterpiece of Tool’s ‘Lateralus’ from 2001.

All in all, “Creeps” is an interesting blend of the more chill stoner metal and the more complex progressive metal, resulting in an interesting hybrid of the two style sure to please fans of either.

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