hawk eyes - everything is fineSince coming to prominence with their Brew Records (RIP) release debut “Modern Bodies”, Leeds’ own Hawk Eyes, have steadily built a reputation as one of the most exciting rock bands the UK has to offer. Now onto album number three, and keeping busy with tours and eps, their rise shows no sign of slowing down.

Opening with ‘It’s A Trap’, the band head straight for the Tool territory. It’s a melodic and catchy track, that shows the bands progressive side, which isn’t quite as prevalent here as on other albums, but it’s a great start to the album. From there we go straight into the raucous punk noise of ‘The Ambassador’, which is absolutely made for the live setting. A brilliant track and quite straightforward for this band, more of a hint to where this album is heading. ‘Die Trying’ comes next but is a little lost surrounded by the previous track and the rowdy ‘Permission’. This track mixes up the all out noise with a few more technical passages, which throws you off track slightly and make sure you don’t get too comfortable listening to this.

The second half of the album throws up some clues as to the influences aside from the well know love for bands like Tool and Mastodon. ‘Terribly Quelled’ which resurrects the pure desert fuzz of Kyuss, through the very Alice In Chains ‘Night Music’ right through to the albums title track which is a mixture of the attitude of Therapy? with a bit of ‘King For A Day…’ era Faith No More thrown in for good measure. The band show through this album, not only there love of exploring different styles and trying different things, but also that they have an excellent taste in music.

Its frustrating that bands like Hawk Eyes get so little coverage outside in the mainstream rock media, as with the right push, there is no reason why they couldn’t make it big. While “Everything Is Fine” may not be quite as essential as their previous albums, it shows a band that are evolving and maturing into a great act. They are producing a more accessible sound without giving up any of their own identity, or becoming too bland. Still one of the best prospects in the UK at the moment, and hopefully on the way to bigger things in the near future.

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