halestorm uk posterHalestorm are quite possibly one of rock’s hottest properties right now, and with the new album “Into The Wild Life” hitting us on April 13th, Lzzy and her boys were eager to show Nottingham what they’ve got. It was up to us, TINAS Operatives, to get to Rock City early, grab a suitable vantage point, stack up on beers and wait for Halestorm to well and truly smash it.

Doors at 7:00, first band at 7:30, rarely do you see the place so packed for the show openers, with punters often choosing the local bars over support acts. So, The Fallen State have the luxury of performing to an already hyped up throng, who quite frankly would bounce, first punch and cheer at anything, such is the anticipation for tonight’s headliners. This is not a bad thing, as The Fallen State have potential, but they need time. It’s a bit “rock by numbers” doused with youthful enthusiasm. Entertaining but nothing to make you stand up and really take notice of what is happening in front of you.

Detroit rockers Wilson on the other hand, really got the party started. These guys are a real gem of a band, total stars in the making. Unlike show openers The Fallen Fate, Wilson fully create an impression, and completely raise the roof. It’s raw raucous and explosive. Frontman Chad Nicefield has a commanding presence, as he nonchalantly strolls on stage dressed as a drummer boy with his “Fuckery” emblazoned drum. Musically this is “Full Blast Fuckery”, intense, bold and damn good fun. Three tracks in, and this could be Wilson‘s show rather than Halestorm. The Nottingham faithful are in, hook line and sinker, by the time the guys cover Nazareth‘s “Hair Of The Dog”, everyone in the room is well and truly part of the Wilson led stageshow. Who in their right mind could not be drawn in by the exceptionally romantic “If You Ever Leave Me, I will Find You”. A perfect support act for tonight, and one that will leave Nottingham with many new fans… our TINAS operatives well and truly included. Cracking stuff.

Halestorm, tonight; there just arent enough superlatives to do the show justice. What Nottingham witnessed, was one of the tightest bands around; well and truly honed and firing on all cylinders. Incendary rock from the start, with a set that features tracks past, present and future. Lzzy’s vocals are on fire as the opening salvo of She Won’t Mind, I Like It Heavy and I Get Off are eaten up from the rammed Nottingham venue, old and new standing side by side. The atmosphere is electric, the smiles are huge, both on and off the stage. AreJay bounces, thumps and whirrs, his sticks spinning constantly. His stool a platform to leap from rather than a place to sit. He fires into full tub thumping lunacy during his solo slot, with his giant sticks… and anyone who shout “Cut my life into pieces” into the mic is going to get only one huge response… Joe shreds and riffs as he wanders, and Josh prowls and plunders with the low end, the pair flanking the front and back spectacle that is the Hale siblings.

This band is so much more than Lzzy and AreJay though, all four members really have their place and role. Lzzy is the conductor, the face and captain; AreJay the cheeky entertainer, the mischievious clown; Joe, the magician, underrated fretboard fluidity in buckets and of course Josh, Captain Cool himself, the foundation and playmaker holding the others together.

Tonight is more than balls to the wall rock though. Lzzy can stand proud and tall alongside many of the great rock front men and women when it comes to attitude and commanding the crowd, but tonight we also get exposure to the softer side… the “down a bottle of wine and write songs sensitive side”. An apparent “change of plan” just Lzzy, her guitar and Hate It When You See Me Cry. Exposed and raw, it works. Whilst anthemic new tracks Amen, Mayhem and Apocalyptic raise the roof, its the Strange Case…’ tracks that blow said roof away. Freak Like Me’, Rock Show, I Miss The Misery practically level the place. Give it time though, we are sure that Amen and Apocalyptic will send venues stratospheric once the new album has hit the stores. Encores of Mz Hyde and Here’s To Us leave Nottingham wanting more, one final explosion, one final parting shot… but sadly it was not to be… they came, smashed it and left.

This is Halestorm at their finest, roll on next time!

Halestorm Setlist:
She Won’t Mind, I Like It Heavy, I Get Off, It’s Not You,Daughters of Darkness, Amen, Freak Like Me, Rock Show, Hate It When You See Me Cry, Mayhem, Apocalyptic, Love Bites (So Do I), I Miss the Misery, Mz. Hyde, Here’s to Us

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Photos by Sabrina Ramdoyal

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