Godhunter & Amigo The Devil - The Outer DarkGodhunter and Amigo the Devil offer an interesting collaboration on their latest EP. Normally making their sound-waves in sludge rock, Godhunter have adopted a more soulful, and self-reflective sound. Amigo‘s vocals sitting on top feel as though he’s been there for a long time, the transition of genres never seemingly affected the overall music.

The opener ‘Weeping Willow’ is a somber affair. If Godhunter should choose to perform this live it’d serve it’s place in a set-list as a decent rest in pace. It’s deep and absorbing and whilst the tempo nor dynamics change much it’s still a well constructed song. The best moments actually lie in the instruments surrounding the guitars, the additional, yet restrained, melody is inspiring and adds to the journey.

The second and final track on the “The Outer Dark” is a cover of Nirvana‘s ‘Something in the Way’. The two are rather similar, with the only notable difference being Amigo‘s vocals, though the instrumentals are performed in a different way, offering a darker tone than the stripped back original. Commendation on covering a track that, whilst not necessarily well known to non-Nirvana fans, still holds a lot of emotion. Amigo‘s bravery in covering this song shows, and pays dividends.

As a split EP it’s definitely an incredible change of pace for Godhunter and the incorporation of Amigo is flawless. His voice is strange yet works with the mysteriousness of the songs. There’s room for more in this area and should Godhunter ever wish to lessen pace again Amigo should be the first man to call.

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