Five Finger Death Punch - Got Your SixIt’s taken 6 years from the UK release of their debut album for Five Finger Death Punch to rise to arena level status and sell out Wembley Arena. That’s a pretty impressive feat by anyone’s standards.

When you consider that in that time they have release 5 more albums and also risen from Download Festival main stage openers to being third from headline, it becomes even more astonishing.

They have quickly become old reliable, and this month see’s the release of album number 6 the aptly titled ”Got Your Six” the wonderful thing about Five Finger Death Punch is that they found their sound early and have spent time refining and honing it rather than trying to change, sticking with the template laid down by the likes of
AC/DC and Slayer.

”Got Your Six”, I would say is probably their best album since the debut ”Way of the Fist” – more than making up for the disappointing ”American Capitalist” and also showing more focus than the bloated and somewhat uneven double release of ”Wrong Side of Heaven, Righteous Side of Hell parts I & II”.

This is as straightforward and hard-nosed as they have sounded in a very long time, whilst also maintaining the somewhat anthemic side they have flirted with before. Take lead single ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ for a prime example of how Death Punch writes a song made for a mass audience, and despite being lyrically questionable it has an infectious chorus that will have festival and arena crowds the world over going ape shit.

The title track is another full-blooded tune that gives up the album and is designed to start mosh pits. ‘Wash It All Away’ is another insight into the mind of frontman Ivan Moody and is the albums token introspective track. ‘No Sudden Movements’ is my favourite track on the album and showcases everything Death Punch does great in less than 4 minutes, hard riffs, driving drums and Ivan‘s killer vocal delivery – absolutely brilliant.

Five Finger Death Punch may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but through sheer grit and force of will, combined with some hard work, they have managed to rise through the ranks and become one of the biggest names in the current metal scene, and ”Got Your Six” is another fine example of why Five Finger Death Punch are so popular. They may not be reinventing the wheel, but they have definitely shown that a change of tyres every now and then can be just as effective.

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