Fightstar - Behind The Devils BackThis album comes with some interesting events to follow. With a release date in October and a tour for the month announced it would seem Fightstar would begin some resurgence after being on the back burner for the length of Charlie Simpson‘s solo career. However, on the 10th of November it was announced that Busted are getting back together WITH Simpson. Curious, and sadly relevant, though Fightstar‘s new album likely does not signal the end of the band, but it’s definitely taken an incredibly bizarre turn.

Fightstar haven’t released an album since their 2009 “Be Human” yet “Behind the Devil’s Back” has finally been released. The album opens strong with the heavy riffing of ‘Sharp Tongue’ and it only serves as an introduction for an album with a decent amount of solid material: ‘Murder All Over’ has some great passages whilst ‘Sink with the Snakes’ is a great track which was understandably one of the keystones of this release.  The title track adds to this formula of brooding riffs and dynamic singing sections.

Fightstar may have missed the boat with their sound, however. A band can sound however they want to sound, but this particular vein of post-hardcore may be a little late; the combination of heavy riffs and soft singing sections doesn’t always pay off either. If it had been released sooner than 6 years after their last album it would have felt more of an extension of that, instead, it feels more of a hearkening back. What it also lacks is a real classic; ‘Mercury Summer’ will be remembered well and “Behind the Devil’s Back” lacks this anthemic song; ‘Overdrive’ is the closest they come.

“Behind the Devil’s Back” is an affirmation of Charlie Simpson‘s musical intelligence, with compliments also to be paid to the rest of the band. This album is a level of form which Fightstar will be pleased to maintain, given the understandably uncharted future though it can’t be another 6 years before the next release.


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