Despite the gloomy weather, and knee-high mud, the stage and Faith No More were all decked out in white, behind a flower bed – the perfect dosage of weird for these avant-garde San Franciscans – whilst Mike Patton hit us with a unique introduction;

“We are your Yoga instructors for the evening, so fucking relax.”.

He was enigmatic throughout, with a magical live presence – bemoaning a rain mac wearing fans lackadaisical attitude, and giving the security the fright of a life time by joking of a terrorist threat.

The left of centre metallers were immensely enthralling, with a set that combed through their over 30 year history, including six from their cracking new record “Sol Invictus”, their latest record since reforming in 2009 and first one since 1997. Amongst those we were treated to was the perversely hummable sing-along of ‘Motherfucker’, the political rage of ‘Black Friday’ and the catchy lead single ‘Superhero’ amongst others.

They were a joy to behold as they waltzed through “Angel Dust’s” ‘Midlife Crisis’ and the awesome ‘Ashes to Ashes’ from the “Album of The Year” – the year in presumption being 1997. As well as their infamous cover of the Commodores’ ‘Easy’, and the gleeful Donington wide chant along that ensued – one of the few times metalheads willingly croon to Lionel Richie. The encore came and went far too quickly for my liking, it included the title track from the aforementioned ‘Sol Invictus’ and the epitome of funk metal that is ‘We Care a Lot’.

Faith No More were full of energy, dynamism and a sense of silliness, they were so explicitly enjoyable that you momentarily thought they were Saturday’s headliners, not Muse.

Faith No More – Official Website

Photo Credit: Scott Salt/Download 2015