Faces of Eve - The Story So FarWhen I come across a band on the promo list of ThisIsNotAScene that I am not familiar with, I like to do a little background check on them before I do a review. Mostly it is just a Google and YouTube search, to get an idea of their sound. If I like what I hear, I move forward. Usually, any other information is easy to come by after that. Not so much with Hertfordshire, England band Faces of Eve. You see, other than the location I just gave you, and that the band was founded on October 9, 2013, is about all the information you can get from the band’s Facebook page. I found elsewhere that the band is comprised of former members of four other bands I had not heard of; Brave The Moment, Shields, Trophies Of Dahmer and Olympus Must Fall. I guess the most important piece of information is that Faces of Eve will release their debut EP “The Story So Far,” on June 29, 2015.

When Faces of Eve came up with their band name, I wonder if they were referencing the film “The Three Faces of Eve,” because their music definitely has multiple personalities. Face one, opening track ‘For My Fallen Heroes,’ sounds like something off of the most recent The Contortionist record. Ambient guitar tones and falsetto vocals lead into djently low tuned guitar riffs, but then the track suddenly stops. I checked my download transfer to see if it had not completed, but it looked correct. I do not know if the track is a teaser or some sort of off kilter intro. Either way I was hoping for more. This abrupt ending leads into face two: ‘Feed.’ With its bouncy tempo and heavy falsetto vocals, I can best describe it as Panic At the Disco does djent. Faces of Eve channel their best Ed Sheeran on ‘Crime of Passion’ with its slow groove and lines like “It’s Friday night, and the drinks are on my mind” and “We had nothing to fight for.” If it was not for its heavy bass line and down-tuned guitars they could easily release it on pop radio. ‘Temporal Rotunda’ is like a part two as it maintains the lesser pace and similar melody. However, this part is darker and more moody. ‘One Man Show’ brings the tempo and melody back up, and adds a weird little dj scratch/jazz guitar solo during the breakdown. Closing track ‘Dwellers’ is the third face. With a riff reminiscent of Sevendust and a lot less falsetto, Faces of Eve bring back some of the heaviness from beginning of the EP.

Faces of Eve have gotten off to an auspicious start with “The Story So Far,” although I am not really sure which direction they are going to head. On one hand they could get heavier and push their djent tendencies further, go a little heavier, a little deeper. On the other hand they could lighten up, pop it up, and go for some airplay. They have the potential to go either way, but I have a feeling they are going to keep us guessing for a while.

Faces of Eve – Facebook Page