EvisoraxwebversionWith more than a decade of hate-fuelled noise behind them, Evisorax have returned with their latest chapter of violence with “Goodbye To The Feast… Welcome To The Famine”, which sees the three-piece really hit peak form. With members of Krokodil and Narcosis in their ranks, there is no doubt that any release from them will be technical, challenging and relentlessly brutal, and this album is every one of them.

Opening with the sixty-second assault that is ‘Greedy Pig’, the band set out on the rest of this seven-song, fifteen-minute attack. ‘Blood Fucking Blisters’ is an all-out old-school grind and they resume their dissonant aural battery on ‘The Last Horrendous Concubine’ and preview track ‘Locust Breeders’. Four tracks down and just five minutes gone. Next up is a reworking of ‘End User’ from their previous release ‘Isle Of Dogs’. This “Director’s Cut” adds a great deal to the original, slowing it down and adding more vocals giving it a very different sound to the old version.

This marks a bit of a change of direction for the album. With ‘So Many Fat People, During The Famine’ the band have really stretched themselves and it really pays off, being much slower than you would normally expect with only hints of the usual frenzied noise. The addition of clean guitars and even some clean vocals makes for a refreshing approach and a new dimension to their sound. It’s back to the chaos at the start of the final track ‘All The Best Bits, They Left Out Your Death’, but once the intro has given way to the main body of the song it returns to a more relaxed pace (and that’s relaxed in Evisorax terms, so it’s still not exactly chill out music).

Evisorax are one of the few bands who can truly recreate the intensity of their live show in their studio recordings. And just like one of their live shows, this release is short but full-on for its limited running time. This is the only fault I can really find with the album, but then again, your brain will probably need a bit of a rest after the kicking that “GTTFWTTF” will give it. One thing is definitely for sure and that is that you wont get sick of the album; there isn’t the time to do that. One of the first releases I was really looking forward to in 2015 and it is every bit as good as I expected it to be.

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