evil2“We are Evil Scarecrow, and we are the best band you will see at Download” yells Dr Rabid Hell, before piping up “…at one pm on a Sunday”. It’s all in the timing, and you know what? He wasn’t wrong!

Evil Scarecrow are brilliant live, and one of the stand out entertainment packages of the weekend. Humour and some decent-ish music by spades. No one within the vicinity of the Maverick Tent at 1pm on Sunday will forget the notion of “Blue Peter Metal”. Human party poppers shouting bang, and throwing whatever shit they could find on the floor in the air at the command of white faced nutters on stage in front of them.

These guys are fun, and actually quite talented, but it’s all in the infectious package they deliver. They take the piss out of themselves, and have a ball doing it. Zero gravity moshing, robot box dancing and of course scuttling, it’s all taken for granted, and every single person in that tent joins in, from the hardcore attitude kid to the old school hair metal rocker. “Space Dementia”, “Robotron” and of course “Crabulon” are the causes of such outlandish behaviour, leaving everyone grinning like loons… including Dr R Hell and his cohorts.

Evil Scarecrow are genuinely enjoying the ride, and only they could get away with a thrash version of the “Thunder Cats” theme as part of a six song set. A spectacle that has to be seen, and heard… they are the “Conchita Wurst” of the metal world… fascinating to watch, and actually not that bad musically at all.

Top bombing all round.

Photo Credits: Danny North