Evil Blizzard - Everybody Come to ChurchThe unforgettable live experience of Evil Blizzard is a sight to behold. Their eerie, warped theatrical performances have grown in reputation on the underground scene for a couple of years now and their appearance blends Clockwork Orange with punked up Glam, while wearing facial masks which conjure the darkest thoughts of your subconscious. So, can they deliver the audio goods without the visual element – can they spin the yin without the yang and still hold your attention? The answer, my friends, is an emphatic YES!

Signed to John Robb’s Louder Than War record label, musically the Evil Blizzard create a post punk, space rock, psychedelic, krautrock, influenced melting pot splurge. Their sound is driven by a backbone, and upfront, heavy rumbling bass and thumping drum rhythms while the guitar and keyboards provide the alluring soundscapes. This is their second album and if you are a frequent attender to their shows then some of the tracks will already be familiar to you, ‘Are you Evil?’ has been a live favourite for some time now and is a storming opener to capture the listener into their bizarre and disturbing world – ‘I know what you keep in the box beneath your bed’, ‘souvenirs and many mementos’, ‘things which prove what you did’, dark indeed.

The tempo may change but the tight rhythm section carries the groove throughout the album. There are many highlights, in fact, there is not even a minuscule trace of a filler, but if pushed for favourites then ‘Bow down and prey’ is prime P.I.L. at their most haunting and post-punk grooviest. The slower dub inspired ‘Spread the fear’ is a call to a possible riot or uprising in current troubled times, while the political establishment are left floundering. As for  ‘Balloon’ they strap on the guitars and recall label mates The Membranes raging noise assault.

What is blatantly evident is Evil Blizzard know exactly what they are doing and aiming for. The heavy, lucid bass led ‘Sacrifice’ and the psychedelic head rush of ‘Laughing gas’ are superlative displays of pulling power into their murky, hypnotic, sinister musical world. And if that is not enough the laconic album closer ‘Watching’, is a staggering nine minutes assault of epic space rock proportions. The change of tempo midway through turns it into a driving Hawkwind, Monster Magnet, space rock/punk zone pile driver.

Evil Blizzard leave no doubts that they are a force of nature period, because ‘‘Everybody Comes to Church’’ is a blistering display of dark, punked-up, spaced-up, psyched-up, menacing attack of post-punk vibes. The most thrilling and enjoyable soundtrack to a bad trip/nightmare you could possibly imagine.

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