drugzilla-skatinjectorBrutal, abrasive noise is the order of the day on this four-track split 7” between extreme electronic outfit Drugzilla and digital grindcore trio Skat Injector. Four tracks of remorseless filth and noise designed to terrorize and breed nightmares and unsettle even the most hardened listener.

Each band offer two tracks of fierce, twisted carnage. Drugzilla using samples instead of vocals that break through the wall of noise and electronic pulses that are thrown into chaos to form one solid unsettling headfuck (I do try not to swear when I write, but that is the only word that came to mind when I was writing this.) Skat Injector give a more straightforward sound (compared to Drugzilla anyway) with a sound coming from the more Industrial / Gabba side of the fence. Strangulated vocals punctuate the noise but offer little respite from the unpleasantness that surrounds.

This is definitely a release that is won’t be for everyone. It took me a while to fully appreciate it and I usually click with this kind of thing pretty quickly. One of the more nihilistic things I have heard in a while and definitely not one for a quiet Sunday afternoon. These two acts show very different takes on a similar style, each with different results, one that unsettles and one that pounds you into submission. A sonic nightmare that you will either love or hate, I can’t think of anyone that would think this is simply OK.

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