Drudkh - A Furrow Cut ShortMysterious? Yes. Secretive? Yes. Uncontactable? Yes. Black Metal? Of course! To be honest though, if you are interested at all in the genre then you should definitely at the very least, know of the name, Drudkh. There is probably only one other well known Black Metal band that are more anonymous, and that would be Deathspell Omega. Taking a very similar stance of no photos, no website of any kind and no interviews. Although, the aformentioned French act have done the odd, sparse, recorded chat.

Drudkh are Ukranian and, like the Frisian outfit, Skeld, are fiercely proud of their ancestoral heritage and traditions. They also sing in their native tongue. If you’re like me, then you try and take in the music as well as the lyrics which means it can extend the time it requires to get fully immersed in a record. As they have no lyrics published and it is in Ukranian anyway, it means that you can concentrate on letting the music marinade your brain, seeping in and captivating you.

Although they have had a few different sounds and approaches over their history, album number 10, actually is the closest they have come to sounding like they’re from a Nordic region, where the genre was birthed, defined, refined and perfected. This is definitely not a detriment to the material as you will evidently hear. That new twist, intertwined with their unique take on non-typical Black Metal chord progressions and guitar melodies works brilliantly.

You often hear Drudkh in the same breath as the likes of Fen, Winterfylleth and Wodensthrone, and any track here, at some point or other, or for the duration, makes it clear why. Like those bands, they have the unique knack of making repeating passages become hypnotic and spirit you away to another place, another time, another dimension even.

There is also the matter that they have rediscovered some vitriol and have presented it in a very early-Burzum like way. In-fact, if the Count himself, old Varg, was still into Metal, he would no doubt be producing material very similar to the likes of ‘Dishonour Pt 2’, that I am pretty certain of.

Walking the tightrope between beauty and brutality is rarely done better than in certain corners of Black Metal and Drudkh are a perfect exponent of doing just that.

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