Don BrocoDon Broco are one of those bands that appeals to a wide and varied audience, with their cheeky lad charm and radio friendly sound, they have amassed quite the fan base, but with that they have also attracted as many haters that were waiting for the bands luck to run out.

With their second album ”Automatic” they have taken out some of the more laddish aspects of their sound and travelled back to the 80’s to make an album of pure neon hued pop perfection. Make no mistake about ”Automatic” is a pop record (and I mean that in the nicest way possible) that owes as much to Duran Duran, ABC, and Spandau Ballet as it does their peers, they have even adopted a ‘Miami Vice’ aesthetic for the album artwork and video for title track ‘Automatic’.

It’s a bold move by the band to push themselves further into the pop spectrum of their sound, but I have to admit that it is a move that for the most part pays off. First off from a production stand point, it sound absolutely huge, and its ready made for gorgeous sunny weather, and will no doubt end up being the soundtrack  to many people’s summer parties.

There is an emphasis on lush throbbing bass lines, twinkling shimmering guitar work and the icing on the cake, the smoother than George Clooney with a throat coated in honey vocal delivery of resident handsome man of rock Rob Damiani. It’s that potent type of mix that creates the best albums that the 80’s never saw.

There are more tunes on this album than most bands write in a lifetime. It’s evident that the 3 year gap really worked in the bands favour as they were able to take their time and really develop a sound that worked for them and push themselves creatively to create something that lets them step up their game, whilst losing none of their identity.

It’s hard to argue with an album that features songs like ‘Superlove’ and ‘Automatic’ coming straight out the gate to win you over instantly. ‘Tough on You’ is the song Justin Timberlake wishes he could of written. ‘Money Power Fame’ is the heavy stand out that harks back to the ”Priorities” era. ‘Bad Feeling’ is an instant new romantic classic that feels both classic and fresh in equal measures.

Don Broco have crafted one of the most impossibly catchy and downright irresistible albums of the year and while it may turn off some older listeners, there is no denying the ambition on display, and there is also a very real sense this is the album that will see their star rise even further into the stratosphere. Mark your calendars because 2015 marks the year that Don Broco took their first big leap towards conquering the world.


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