ThisIsNotAScene got the chance to catch up to Danko Jones and talk all things Jones.

How’s the European tour been treating you so far?

It’s been a great tour so far. The crowds have been fantastic every night. Even though I got sick midway through, we were able to bounce back and keep going. Our openers, Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell have been great every night as well.

We were at the London show, how was it for you?

I liked it. Did you?

You played 21 songs that night – how the hell do you keep that energy up that long?

It’s easy to do when you like the songs you wrote. I think it would be torture if they were 21 songs someone else wrote. I wasn’t wired to play in cover bands. It simply boils down to genuinely loving the music you play.

Was it a conscious decision when you went into rehearsals that you would play that long or could you just not decide what to cut?

It wasn’t that long a set. We have 10 albums to choose from so every set there will be songs that get cut.

Now that it’s been released into the world and you’ve had a chance to step back from it a bit how do you feel about the (brilliant) Fire Music album?

 I’m very satisfied by it. I knew right away it would be received positively. I just didn’t realize it was going to be well received across the board. We aren’t very used to positive reviews from music journalists. After all these years, I’ve become used to being jeered at, made fun of and being told to quit immediately. This was a nice surprise!

What’s your specialty when cooking for a lady or are you too cool for that?

 I’m not the best cook. I don’t think it’s very cool to not cook for a lady. I kinda think that’s lame. I’ve tried and failed miserably. Also, what’s this “Too Cool” stuff about?

Albums, tours, podcasts, radio shows, spoken word shows. magazine columns… what has been your proudest project of the last 20 years? Any particular album or tour?

Doing this band is my number one priority. Everything else is just so I can have something to do during the downtime. I do love writing and working on my podcast but I have no loftier ambitions to become a “writer” or a “broadcaster”. I do the podcast because it’s fun as hell and it’s my little thing. If people know about it then that’s cool. If they don’t – oh well.

The band’s output is what I’m most proud of. It’s what remains as evidence from all those years of hard work.

Anything you regret or perhaps would just do differently?

Sure but then again, we wouldn’t be where we are today and I think we’re in a good position. There are a couple of drummers who I wish never joined our band. But they’re someone else’s problem now. So all is good.

What’s your next project outside the band going to be? Acting? Cooking? Ice Hockey?

I can’t think of anything other than more podcasting and more writing when they’ll let me. I have no aspirations to act. Have you seen our videos? Do you really think I can act? I dabble in my own crazy music projects but they’re only for my ears and have zero commercial potential.

Marvel or DC?


Who was the last band you went to see between tours?

Cancer Bats release party in Toronto. They were great. Great guys, great band.

How’s the rest of 2015 shaping up for you?

It’s looking like it’s going to be non-stop touring. We won’t have barely any time to breathe. That’s fine. I’m glad people want us to come to their city or festival and play. It’s a privilege.

Do you promise not to leave it so long in future before coming back to the UK?

We’ll be back in the UK before the year is out. September I think. The long time between visits wasn’t our wish. There just weren’t any offers to have us play and some people don’t seem to realize that. In the end, if the band doesn’t come, even if they really want to, they are the ones who are left holding the bag and become villainized for it. There are so many aspects of the music industry where the band are the ones who have to bear the brunt for stuff out of their hands. Not touring the UK has always been something that has bothered us. Every year we wanted to come back and tour. This year is different. This year we’ve come back and we’re gonna keep coming back!

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