Danko Jones - Fire MusicI first saw the Toronto born rock and roll genius that is Danko Jones by mistake when I headed over to the second stage at Ozzfest 2002 and caught their hi-octane set, the highlight of which being Danko (Jones – guitar/vox – obviously) himself acknowledging some technical difficulties with the line “that’s OK, the more pissed off I get, the better show you get…”

That show forever ingrained into my brain, I later bought the debut long player “Born A Lion” and from then on I’ve been hooked on the band – well, I say band, I’ve never really been sure it’s not actually a solo project, as it is very much The Danko Jones Show, albeit rounded out with co-founder and bassist John Calabrese and the recording debut of latest drummer Rich Knox.

18 years into their career and the band have not let up or compromised their sound, giving the satisfying feeling of knowing exactly who you’re listening to as soon as the opening riff kicks in and ‘Wild Woman’ from this latest release “Fire Music” is no exception.

As the album moves into ‘The Twisting Knife’, there is a sense that this might be Danko’s most raucous album to date, closely followed by sheer joy at how damn good it is.

Wrestling fans might recognise ‘Gonna Be A Fight Tonight’ from the recent Royal Rumble PPV and ‘Body Bags’ is even better.

My favourite thing about the writing on any Danko Jones album is he doesn’t write about any deep pretentious issue to try and make people think and seem all poetic. Nor does he write crass childish songs about chicks, instead what he does is write about relationships with people (not necessarily romantic ones) and people in general, but with a sense of maturity and style that EVERYONE can relate to. The song ‘Getting Into Drugs’ perfectly illustrates his sense of humour, coming as it does, from the point of view of trying it and having a good time rather than a song about being addicted and how horrible it is or some Acid Jazz Fusion 8 minute opus based on one particular LSD trip.

I still wouldn’t recommend listening to it in front of impressionable children mind you.

Album closer ‘She’s Ain’t Coming Home’ is an excellent dance along number, with an all heart broken story and driving rhythm section mixed in with a chorus hook that begs to be sung in sold out venues around the globe.

Once again, the band has churned out a quality product and if they aren’t on the bill for this years’ Download Festival I shall be very disappointed (take note Copping).

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