Creeper - The Callous HeartSouthampton isn’t known as a hot bed for world class bands, yet still one of 2015’s most talked about bands comes from there. That band?… Roadrunner Records latest signings Creeper.

Just from one listen to the bands second e.p. – ”The Callous Heart”  you can see why they are on everyone’s lips. The 5 songs on here are anthems for a new generation. They feel like stories that have been lived and as such the songs have a lived in feel to them. This is most prominent on ‘The Honeymoon Suite’ and ‘Lie Awake’ which are not only both colossal anthems in themselves, but they feel like Gaslight Anthem via AFI, such is the quality of the song writing on display.

The closing track ‘Hemley’s Ghost’ is as haunting as the name suggests and even though it slows things down, it makes sure that it will linger on long after the e.p. has finished and will have you leaning over and pressing the repeat button for another listen.

There is a feeling here, that these songs could easily be autobiographical to anyone listening, these aren’t songs about goblins or vampires, these are songs of youth and love lost, or dreams and hate. Real things from real people evoking very real feelings in the most spine tingling of ways.

”The Callous Heart” improves upon the band’s self titled début by making everything sound bigger, and shows that they have the makings of a truly special band, that may go onto to lead a new generation in the years to come.

There is a band that comes out of the shadows once every generation and truly becomes the voice of the youth at that time, a band that conquers the hearts of everyone and becomes someone’s favourite, whether it’s The Misfits, AFI, My Chemical Romance or more recently Black Veil Brides – well you can now add Creeper to that list.

Say hello to your new favourite band.

Creeper official website