child bite - strange waste 1American four-piece Child Bite have been making their own brand of uneasy listening for nearly a decade now and this, their latest effort and second release for Housecore Records, adds to an already impressive catalogue. Coming across like the bastard son of The Jesus Lizard and Black Flag, the band specialize in short, quick, furious tracks that don’t stick to any particular scene, and as it result it is pretty difficult to describe, but I will try my best.

The nine tracks on here don’t stick around for too long, with the whole release coming in at just under twenty minutes long. Considering the short running time, the band manages to fit in a hell of a lot of noise. Vocalist Shawn Knight (who also contributes artwork to the band’s releases) has a vocal style that brings to mind Jello Baifra, with a hint of the menace that David Yow brought to the aforementioned Jesus Lizard. From the first few seconds of ‘Still Fucked After All These Years’, the tracks lurch from genre to genre, never quite being a fully metal, punk or alternative offering but instead a really brutal combination of all of them.

Despite the chaos of much of ‘Strange Waste’, it does have its quieter (or maybe that should be less noisy) moments, with occasional melodies breaking through the sea of noise. The closing track, ‘In A Cloud of Blood Bog Infinite’, is the most subdued moment on the album and also the longest taking up nearly a quarter of the entire running time. The rhythm section of Sean Clancy (bass) and Jeff Kraus (drums) manage to keep the pace with the chaotic guitars and vocals and bring the whole thing together, and as a whole unit their frantic approach produces a powerful racket. The production is clean without being overly fussy, and allows for each and every twist and turn to be clear and distinct.

One of the better discoveries I have made over the last couple of years, mainly due to a couple of collaborations they did with both David Yow and Phil Anselmo, the latter being a vinyl EP of AxCx covers, Child Bite makes the type of noise that could appeal to fans of just about everything. With a label like Housecore behind them they have a good chance of developing into something quite special. If you like your music loud and slightly unhinged then this will be right up your street; check out then new video for ‘Ancestral Ooze’, as that should be enough to convince either way.

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