bfsvol1Loads of bands release Greatest Hits collections (even Nickleback), and Bowling For Soup join that increasing list on January 26th with “Songs People Actually Liked – Volume One – The First Ten Years (1994 – 2003)”. You know what? It’s a great retrospective, loads of fun and it gives you exactly what it says on the case… Songs People Actually Liked.

If you know your onions about Bowling For Soup though, you will know, there is actually a “Best Of” already… but this doesn’t count. The back story to “Songs people actually liked…” explains this, and sadly, it’s not an uncommon one.

The band were dropped by their label a while back. The label then decided to milk what they could, and release a greatest hits album. The band were not consulted, and actually only found out a month after its release… So, the BFS guys decided to take matters into their own hands. They made a list of fan favourite songs, narrowed it down to just covering the first ten years, and went and re-recorded them. So this album is that collection. No rearranging, no faffing around, just re-recorded. Ok, so there is the bonus of they can actually play their instruments now, and that’s it… oh, actually there is one brand new original song, but dont just go buy it for that… really, don’t.

Jaret Reddick tells us:

“It’s been so cool to hear these songs come to life again and all in one place. It’s amazing what 20 years of playing, singing and technology can do. Everything just sounds amazing!”

As an album, its vibrant, highly addictive and a collection of tracks that will take up residency in your brain for days. Don’t be surprised to be singing “You’re a bitch but I love you anyway” to yourself as you wander round the supermarket, after having listened to it earlier in the week. It’s not challenging; it’s not album of the year, but it’s music in the form of the brainless catchy smiles that BFS are famous for, that have been reinvigorated and re-recorded… what more could you want?

If you don’t have the entire BFS back catalogue, then this really is worth it as a pocket size collective. It’s not just about “Emily”, “Girl All The Bad Guys Want” and “Punk Rock 101” (they are there though), it’s the other “oooh, I know this one” kind of tracks that really bring things to life. “Thirteen” has always been a favourite, and “Last Rock Show” is bouncing Bowling For Soup through and through…

For the price of a couple of coffee shop posh coffees… it’s well worth it.

The Last Rock Show, Suckerpunch, Emily, Girl All The Bad Guys Want, You and Me, The Bitch Song, Scope, 2113, Punk Rock 101,Belgium, Life After Lisa, Cody, Thirteen, Dance With You, KoolAid, Pictures He Drew, Sandwich, 20 Years (That’s a Lot Of Beers).

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