Blues Pills recently hit the UK in support of their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album and brought with them an interesting and diverse line-up to a large and expectant crowd.

By the time I had got there, after being held up in traffic, I had just missed opening act Indigo Moon but by all accounts the psych rock five-piece had set he scene for a great night ahead. RavenEye had just started when I finally arrived and appeared to be a very different prospect. The trios high-energy rock pumped up the crowd and the volume. Each of the band have had a varied and rich history and this has obviously helped make this band into a pretty decent prospect. Oli Brown fits the frontman role perfectly, loving every second of performing and feeding off the energy of the obviously impressed crowd. Finishing your set by getting up close and personal with the front row and then climbing up onto the bass drum for one song, he left a lot of people wanting more, and as a support band that’s the best thing you can do.

Blues Pills may originate from various different countries but from their base in Sweden the four-piece have spent the last few years building up an excellent reputation and increasingly large following, and a show like this proves exactly why they are held in such high regard. With the sound set up perfectly for them it quickly becomes apparent just how good this band are individually. Each of the four members can be heard in the mix and their at-times-quick and amazing skills combine together to make for an awe-inspiring performance for everyone in attendance. The whole retro sound is currently in vogue but this is a band that does it from the heart and you can hear that throughout the set. Despite guitarist Dorian Sorriaux, bassist Zack Andersen and drummer Andre Kvarnstrom take a bit of a back seat during the show, allowing singer Elin Larsson to take centre stage with her amazing vocal talents. That unity comes across in the form of an unbelievably tight performance, with the majority of their debut being aired, along with a couple of extras including a track which will feature on their next album.

Bigger things are definitely coming for Blues Pills and on this showing they deserve it. By the time the closing bars of ‘Devil Man’ had played the Academy was united in its appreciation of a great show from a great band.

Blues Pills setlist:

High Class Woman, Ain’t No Change, Astralplane, Dig In, Bliss, No Hope Left For Me, The Time Is Now, Little Sun, Elements And Things, Black Smoke, Yet To Find, Devil Man

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