TriaxisOn Sunday the SOPHIE stage is closed by the legendary Onslaught and Godflesh and the mainstage sees the triple whammy of Cannibal Corpse, Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society and Rob Zombie. That’s a stellar line-up already and if you need me to tell you about any of these bands then your heavy metal licence will be immediately revoked (or at least have points put on it).

But there’s a whole heap more moshing to be done before we get there, so here’s a selection of some of the gems from the final day of the UK’s best metal festival.

Opening proceedings on the SOPHIE stage is Wales’ very own Triaxis. They’ve kicked arses here twice before and will make a welcome return to BOA with tracks from their recent stormer, “Zero Hour”. There is very little that needs saying about their music other than this is classic, feel-good, no holds barred, full on heavy fucking metal.

Featuring the soaring vocal talents of Krissie Kirby, these fist pumping anthems are the perfect way to kick off the final day. Their debut album “Key To The Kingdom” and follow up “Rage And Retribution” are essential purchases for your collection and call to mind Maiden, Dio, Trivium and Killswitch Engage. Have your air guitars at the ready.

Tracks to check out:

Sand And Silver

Black Trinity


Victorious (free download)

Triaxis Homepage

SailleSaille hail from Belgium and play a unique brand of symphonic black metal that veers between furiously dark and broodingly melancholy.
It is primarily a collaboration between main songrwriter and keyboard maestro Dries Gaerdelen and guitarist vocalist Jonathan Vanderwal.

Having produced two epic albums in 2011’s “Irreversible Decay” and 2013’s “Ritu,” they really upped the ante with the symphonic bombast of 2014’s “Eldritch”.

Retaining the frenetic and bleak feel of black metal whilst forging ahead with more texture and a more rounded production than many of their peers, this album cemented them as genuine originators of the genre, giving the likes of Satyricon and Keep Of Kalessin a run for their money.

Embarking on a brief European tour this month, they grace the stage of Bloodstock and are sure to pull a sizeable crowd so get there early.

Tracks to check out:

Eater Of Worlds


Blood Libel

Overdose Of Gray

Saille Soundcloud

Saille Homepage

DestrageWhen it comes to truly defying pigeon-holing, you need to get you ears round Italy’s one and only Destrage.

Having made their mark with their debut album ‘Urban Being’ which hinged on a death metal sound with progressive technical elements they really emerged from their cocoon into something strange and beautiful with the follow up “The King Is Fat N’ Old”. Increasing the range of influences from jazz to funk to disco to grind and upping the hooks in the choruses, they produced a collection of songs that were schizophrenic wonders, twisting and turning but always retaining enough melody to keep the listener hooked and heavy enough to command a sizeable moshpit.

The emergence of last year’s ‘Are You Kidding Me? No’ proved that they could top the greatness of their previous efforts without losing any of their vitality and originality.

Spellbinding onstage and mindfucking in your earphones, I highly recommend you check them out before the weekend. Without doubt the band I am most looking forward to at Bloodstock 2015.

Tracks to check out:

Jade’s Place


My Green Neighbour

Art For Free
Lawnmower DethNottinghamshire’s very own Lawnmower Deth are legends in their own lunchtime and remain one of the most entertaining bands ever to grace a festival stage.

Having made a name for themselves in the late 80s and spawned several thrashtastic albums full of lunacy and riffage, they disappeared up their own trouser legs in the mid-90s much to the disappointment of many thousands of fans.

Their two most loved albums, “Ooh Crikey…It’s Lawnmower Deth” and “Return Of The Fabulous Metal Bozo Clowns” were proof that good old fashioned metal didn’t have to be serious and po-faced and that you could be lyrically even more ludicrous than a German power metal quintet whilst still pumping out music that Exodus wouldn’t sniff at.

Now all grown up and too sensible for this kind of thing, the pull of their diehard audience has seen them back on the festival circuit delighting fans old and new with a combination of silliness and moshiness that is hard to beat.

If you don’t get into the tent for the Deth you will be missing out on a genuine highlight of the Bloodstock weekend. Qualcast Mutilator, Mightymo Destructimo and the boys are here to entertain you…

Tracks to check out:

Flying Killer Cobs From The Planet Bob

Did You Spill My Pint

Icky Ficky

Sumo Rabbit And His Inescapable Trap Of Doom

Lawnmower Deth Facebook page

TrepaliumAnother highlight of the SOPHIE stage is French death troupe Trepalium. Fusing brutal metal with fat brass and a tasty groove, their latest outing ‘Voodoo Moonshine’ is a disturbingly catchy affair despite being heavier than a rhino’s coffin and features a guest vocal spot from Joe Duplantier.

They have toured with Gojira and made numerous appearances at mainland European festivals lately, but it’s time for them to hit UK soil once again with their full on face-smashing set.

Renowned for their high-energy live shows, these hard-touring headbanging mentalists will bring the freakshow to Catton Hall.

Tracks to check out:

Moonshine Limbo

Heic Noenum Pax

Sick Boogie Murder

Daddy’s Happy

Trepalium homepage

AgallochSunday’s mainstage smorgasbord begins with legendary underground black metallists Agalloch. Hailing from Portland, Oregon and lead by the charismatic John Haughm they have been steadily crafting dark masterpieces since their formation in 1996. Having released several highly acclaimed demos their first full length ‘Pale Folklore’ reared its ungly head in 1999.

Drawing on prog and folk influences it set the tone for the following albums which became more experimental and veered even more towards stoner rock and post-rock whilst still retaining the brooding feel of their origins.

Underpinned by the unique drumming style of Aesop Dekker (of Ludicra, VHOL) their most recent outing, “The Serpent And The Sphere” is an essential collection of doom laden black metal and couples nicely with their other masterpiece, 2010’s “Marrow Of The Spirit”. Both albums are genuinely stunning and worthy additions to your collection.

It will be an early start but well worth it.

Tracks to check out:


Falling Snow

The Astral Dialogue

Into The Painted Grey

Agalloch homepage

Orange GoblinIs there any more quintessentially heavy metal feelgood headbangin beer-chugging riffgasm than Orange Fuckin’ Goblin?!

Laying down classic after classic of stoner rock and doom metal madness since 1997, their first three albums saw a quick rise to prominence and culminated in “The Big Black” in 2000 gaining plaudits from around the world and garnering fans amongst scene stalwarts like St Vitus, Earth, Kyuss and Monster Magnet.

Although they continued to tour hard and produce a succession of great albums, it wasn’t until 2012’s “Eulogy For The Damned” that they seemed to kick it up a gear yet again. With a world tour that saw magnificent performances at Bloodstock, Hellfest and many clubs, halls and fields in between, it was a welcome surprise to see they had yet more riffs and chant-along choruses bundled up in their latest full-length “Back From The Abyss”.

Always guaranteed to put a huge smile on your face and get some headbanging going, it will be a pleasure to see them grace the main stage after their triumphant slot on the SOPHIE stage a few years back.

Tracks to check out:


Red Tide Rising

Some You Win, Some You Lose

Sabbath Hex

Orange Goblin homepage

Pro-PainSurely one of the moist underrated bands in the metal scene has to be cult heroes Pro-Pain. Formed as far back as 1991 by Gary Meskil and Dan Richardson of thrashcore crossover legends Crumbsuckers, they kicked things off with 1992’s ‘Foul Taste Of Freedom’ – an absolutely pummeling dose of hardcore riffing and metal power, with Gary‘s distinctive barked vocals sealing the deal with that trademark conviction and rage.

Having produced consistently great albums despite numerous line-up changes, the main songwriting force that is Gary Meskil has never wavered. 2013’s “The Final Revolution” was their best in many moons and contained some of the most pit-starting pogo-inducing anthems of their career.

The latest call to arms, “Voice Of Rebellion” has only just hit the shelves and carries on where the last one left off, with chaingun riffing and a groove as wide as the grand canyon.

Having influenced everyone from Biohazard to Lamb Of God, make sure you get a taste of Pro-Pain in action at Bloodstock this Sunday.

Tracks to check out:

Foul Taste Of Freedom

In For The Kill


Stand Tall

Pro-Pain homepage