Giles Smith - Billy Idol _ Download 2015Classic Rock Sunday is going from strength to strength at Download, and looking across the hordes in front of the main stage in the middle of Sunday afternoon… Billy Idol was definitely not “Dancing By Himself”… sorry!

Billy Idol may be a rock veteran, and of course have tracks older than some of the other acts on show, but one thing is for sure; he still has the snarl, the sneer and the voice… he can definitely entertain. Flanked by his longserving six string Leiutenant Steve Stevens, Idol delivers the perfect Festival ready setlist. The crowd is pumped and bouncing right from bouyant opener “Dancing With Myself”, to the rampant air pumping finale, “Rebel Yell”.

The vocals rank up there with some of the best from the weekend, and the feel good factor is through the roof. It’s acts like this that really make Download special, generations of rock and metal fans unite, and scream along with “White Wedding”, and hairs stand on end for “Eyes Without a Face”.

It’s s set that heavily leans on the earlier years, but “Can’t Break Me Down” and “Whiskey and Pills” from the latest offering “Kings and Queens Of The Underground” still get an airing, and go down well with the energised masses in front of the main stage.

A top greatest hits package, delivered with style… and snarl.

Photo Credits: Giles Smith