aversions crown - tyrantI appreciate having friends who listen to the same music as me. Not only can we talk about it, but also if your friend hears something you might like, he tells you about it. If you are lucky, sometimes they just send you something new and to check out. That is what happened when my editor sent me the latest Aversions Crown album “Tyrant,” which was released on Nuclear Blast Records November 14, 2014.

Aversions Crown are a six piece outfit from Brisbane, Australia conceived in 2010. The band’s debut album, “Servitude,” laid the groundwork for their blend of sci-fi deathcore. One look at the song titles and cover art of “Tyrant” and you can see it continues this theme.

Opening with sound effects that remind you of a scene from “Section 9,” ‘Hollow Planet’ hits you with massive amounts of solid, bludgeoning riffs. This is the modus operandi of most of the tracks on “Tyrant;” a sonic wall of blast beats, down tuned riffs, and br00tal breakdowns. So much, that I did not notice any guitar solos the first couple listens. My excessive head banging to jams like ‘Avalanche,’ ‘Vectors,’ ‘The Glass Sentient,’ and ‘Overseer’ probably did not help. With a Maiden-like three-guitarist attack, how could they not have some solos, right? Well, upon further review, the only song with an actual solo is ‘Controller, and it is good! Why eight string guitarists Chris Cougan, Hayden Lee, or Mick Jeffrey do not solo more I am not sure. Colin Jeffs, Aversions Crown‘s original vocalist, does a great job steering this soundtrack to an alien invasion with his Phil Bozeman-ish shrieks and growls. Jeffs has since left the band, with Mark Poida of I, Valiance now assuming vocal duties.

Aversions Crown has found their niche with “Tyrant.” Deathcore as a genre is overwrought with similar sounding bands. Aversions Crown might not be the most unique in style, but their concept and approach make them hard not to notice. Now, if they could just squeeze a few more guitar solos in, I would be hooked.

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