Australasia - Notturno Cover art

Melancholy and minimalism define “Notturno,” the latest from electronica metal band Australasia

The album starts out with a slow, ethereal intro track, and sounds like something that could be the soundtrack for a long walk along a frozen lake at night: dreamlike and serene. This changes in the second track, ‘Eden,’ as the albums starts to take off, bringing a heavier sound while still maintaining that dreamlike feeling.

It’s hard to pick out just one or two tracks off the album, as it is so immersive and each track flows so well into the next that it’s more like listening to an entire, hour-long performance rather than individual songs. Despite featuring almost no lyrics, “Notturno” has a concept album feel, as melodies and sounds are repeated and re-interpreted throughout. Australasia has a knack for creating a wall-of-sound that really takes you in, and could almost serve as a lullaby for bedtime.

‘Invisibile,’ the fifth track, is absolutely phenomenal. Featuring outdoor sound effects like crickets and chirping that give it an organic feel, some powerful melodies accompanied by wonderful drum fills, and passionate vocals, it’s the kind of track that takes you in, wraps you up, and carries you off into the night.

The only downside of “Notturno,” other than being a little slow, is that it’s hard to listen to tracks individually. Each track works in conjunction with the next, which makes listening to the album straight through a wonderful experience, but also can be a little jarring if listening to on random.

Despite this, “Notturno” is a fantastic album sure to be the next thing you play when walking around in the snow this winter, or as you’re falling asleep at night.

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