During their recent UK run with Benighted and Cancerous Womb, I managed to grab a few words with Abhorrent Decimation vocalist Ashley Scott about their upcoming album and video.

You are a relatively new name to a lot of people. Can you tell us a bit more about the band?

We formed two years ago and released our EP (“Infected Celestial Utopia”) a year-and-a-half ago. We are influenced by more modern death metal bands, but we do have some old school influences in there as well. We are trying to make a marriage of death metal and a more commercially viable metal to try and make a sound that is enjoyable and accessible as well as brutal.

You have managed to fit a hell of a lot into just a couple of years, was that the plan or have things just snowballed?

This band was put together as a sort of ‘one last punt’ at being in a band. I’ve been doing it for 10+ years and Matty (Doubleday), our drummer, has been doing it for God knows how long. All the lads have all done bands in the past. I took a few years out when I got married and had my son. I just thought that we all wanted to get back into it so we took everything we had learned over the years and set about a plan to release an EP, get a manager and booking agent, aim for some festivals and then just achieve, achieve, achieve.

The plan seems to have gone pretty smoothly. Have there been many obstacles?

Not at all. Josh, our manager, handles the booking side of things for us and has been tremendously helpful. He helped take us from an EP and an idea to the next level. We then broke the London and south scene. If merch sales are anything to go by, the word is spreading to Europe and some parts of South America, Australia and New Zealand so the message is getting out there. We have a press agent, Andrew Pennington, who does a hell of a lot for us. We want to put everything into doing this band and making it the best we can. We can’t be arsed having to start all over again with new bands anymore. The aim is to put all our focus into this.

You have a new video coming soon that sounds pretty cool. What can you tell us about that?

I studied fine art and painting at college when I was a lad, and hadn’t done anything relating to it for a while. Our EP had some awesome production done by our bass player David Archer, and we released two videos on the back of that (‘Putrid Vision’ & ‘Infected Celestial Utopia’) but they were both very standard death metal videos, just us in a dark room windmilling, not really much thought or concept behind them. As we’d put a tremendous amount of time and effort into writing and recording the new album, we didn’t want to go cheap on the video. The video has an ice theme to it, because the song is about traitors that have been frozen in ice and there are images of monoliths about. I thought CGI would look crap, so let’s actually get some sculptures, real life casts of our head done, freeze them in fucking great big blocks of ice and windmill round those as they melt, see how that looks. I managed to get back in touch with my old mentor at Reigate School Of Art & Design and pitched the idea to him. Luckily the students were coming to do their final major project. He let us meet with he students and offer them a chance to work for a real client, rather than just a fabricated brief. We did some tests and they looked really cool. The video is good to go once this tour gets finished.

This is the band’s first full-length album. How did it compare to previous work you have done?

Most of the band hadn’t recorded a full-length album before. (Only) me and Matt have done in previous bands. It was very similar to the EP in process, recorded by Archer. The EP took three days but this has ended up taking months to put together. We have live drums on the album as opposed to programmed drums that were on the EP, as it was just me and (Dave) McKinney (guitars) back then. We underestimated how long it would take to record; I thought I could bang the vocals out in a weekend but they ended up taking six or seven weeks. The album sounds amazing though and hopefully it will blow the eyeballs out of people’s fucking heads. That’s quite a metal thing to say isn’t it? It will make them shit cement.

Being so focused and getting to your first album so quickly, and with Bloodstock and Neurotic Deathfest slots already achieved, you have come along way very quickly. What comes next, as that’s already a high level for a death metal band?

We’ll play Wembley. No, we have always taken pigeon steps and tried to do a lot of good and quality things over the last year, but all of it in the UK. When the new album comes out, we want to concentrate on doing a long-term European tour, get out into the mainland and take it from there. In the long term, after the launch tour around the UK and Europe, try to get into America and anywhere else that will have us, in 2016.

The first album is done. How long before you start planning for the next one?

We already have some riffs for the next one. McKinney really does pump them out. The EP was essentially done by him and then we formed them into songs. This time everyone has had an input. (Will) Cooke’s written some riffs on there, I have written a track and McKinney has done the lion’s share of the writing. The next one will be even more of a group effort. We’ve all got riffs and ideas hummed into our mobiles. The ball is rolling but it’s taken ages to get this one done, being so meticulous about everything. It was due to be out already but then this tour came along, so we delayed it as we would rather have everything perfect and be happy about releasing a killer record than rushing everything.

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