Arroganz - tod & TeufulGet ready people, Germany’s black/death metal band, Arroganz, is here to destroy everything in their path with their third full- length album, “Tod & Teufel”, which translated to English means Death and the Devil.

Arroganz is a mysterious death metal trio consisting of K (vocals/bass), T (drums) and P (guitar) who have been around since 2008.The pacing of “Tod & Teufel” mixes up nicely. From scathing death metal fury to knuckle-dragging sludge tempos.

The ten track, fifty-one minute album starts with,’i.d.t.n.’ It is dominated by dark droning guitars and spoken words that lead into the mayhem which is ‘One Death.’ The droning guitars continue on this song, and you get your first taste of K‘s vocals, which are deeply abrasive, and T‘s double bass drum fury. Prepare yourselves for an ear piercing shrill at the end of this track. ‘Arisen from Failure, Perished as Kings’ and the title track ‘Tod & Teuful’ are faster paced and pick up the intensity. The bass has a bright spotlight in both of these tracks. ‘Demon’s Heart’ features harsh roaring vocals with a menacing groove. The back end of this track is all about the mighty bass. ‘Intoxicate’ starts out with a slow pulverizing riff. The riff and the tempo pick up as the song progresses until the end. ‘All Light is a Lie’ is all about hypnotic riffs and deep snarling vocals. ‘Black Aura’ puts K‘s destructive bass front and center at the beginning and features excellent drum work by T throughput the track. I was blown away with T‘s ruthless skills on drums on the track ‘Guilty.’ On the last track, ‘Alles,’ P whips up another haunting hypnotic riff with mid-paced drumming from T, topped off by K‘s agonizing vocals.

In the end, I quite enjoyed “Tod & Teufel.” It features varied tempo changes, sinister guitar riffs, rabid vocals, and drumming that will bring you to your knees, followed by bass that makes the ground and your ears tremble.

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