The new record is superb, I was really keen to see if you could top “A Map of all Your Failures”, how do you feel when you compare those two records?

Thank you for those comments – much appreciated. I don’t really like to compare them too much as they are like my own children to me and I adore them for all their differences, one of the main ones being that the previous LP was recorded in more basic ‘old school’ style whereas the new one was very well engineered with a lavish production.

With that said, I read a slightly older interview with you, and you said that ‘The Dreadful Hours’ was your preferred My Dying Bride album. Do you stand by that or do you have another?

That one was always a classic and a favourite of mine for a very long time but I sort of drift between a few of them to be honest. Naturally, I’m loving the new LP totally right now and it wouldn’t surprise me if it took the crown as my fave in a few months time.

You and Andrew have been friends and bandmates for such a long time now, how do you maintain a relationship that is as complex and successful as that? A lot of musicians in successful partnerships do refer to it like a marriage, in a sense?

We have had our ups & downs like any longstanding relationship but we know each other so well that we kind of learn to avoid the things that upset the other or at least know how to re-bond if things go tits up. It is stressful at times but that’s the burden or total artistic integrity and control.

The video for ‘Feel The Misery’ is beautiful and really does suit the song, both musically and lyrically. Were the band involved with the treatment and direction? I know you do a lot of creative things outside of the music of My Dying Bride, so how involved were you?

We always have a say in how the video looks but didn’t really need to contribute a huge amount as James Sharrock (director) already had a wonderfully detailed storyboard laid out. We’d done the whole band miming to the song in the previous video so gave that a miss this time in favour of a more narrative led visual with just me from the band in it, which seems to have worked quite nicely.

Can I ask the obligatory touring plans question? Do you have any plans to do your own indoor headline jaunt or just sticking to festivals come next year?

Both. We naturally will be doing our own headline shows with summer festivals thrown in too, so covering all bases. No solid tour dates (of our own) yet but expect us to hit the road around April/May 2016.

What newer music have you been listening to, Metal or otherwise? Also, do you have any go-to records/or bands that you will forever listen to?

Spinning on the tables now I have ‘Tired of Me’ by Jesu, ‘The Taste of Blood’ by Jozef Van Wissem & SQÜRL and the LP ‘Piano Nights’ by Bohren and Der Club of Gore – all a bit weird and rather dark and lovely. I will always love early Bathory, Metallica, Celtic Frost, Candlemass, Depeche Mode as well as SWANS, Apoptygma Berzerk, VNV Nation, Nick Cave, Spirit of John and a host of many more.

My Dying Bride are lucky enough to have come from a golden age of music when the internet wasn’t around at all and it took a few years to get to any level of success. How have things changed for a band of My Dying Bride’s stature nowadays? Do you all have to do other things outside the band?

The internet has been both cruel and helpful to music. It is a hell of a lot easier to spread the good word regarding music but it’s a hell of a lot harder now to make any money from it.  I would hate to be in a young new band coming out now as you won’t sell a thing and may possible even get lost in the tidal wave of millions of similar bands squirting their dirty music into the internet….or something. We certainly do many other things beside My Dying Bride – we always have, for we have voracious appetite’s and the Devil makes work for idle hands.

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