YanomamöWhy would four seemingly nice boys from sunny Sydney form a band playing sludgy doom metal and give themselves an obscure, tribal sounding name? Why present your second EP in a dark cover signifying death and evil machinations? Think about all the choices that had to be made to bring us to “Capitolo Due”. Then listen to the damn thing and realise the answers are obvious. To a certain mindset, playing metal and being in a metal band is fun. For all the crushingly heavy and seemingly nihilistic music on display it is patently clear that Ya̧nomamö are enjoying themselves enormously across these two tracks and if you’re reading this then there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy it too.

‘A Bag of Bones and a Machine Gun’ enters on an elephantine down beat and establishes a simplistic but nagging melody. The pitched screams of Anthony von Grimm dominate, giving a sheen of maniacal abandon across the stifling riff. It then switches up into groove metal territory before bursting into deathcore ferocity and then a melodious guitar line leads us back down to the the opening downbeat doom fest. Everything here is done with a real zesty energy which is hard to resist. The same also goes for second track ‘Knights of Malta’ as it comes straight into your face in a manner I can only describe as rollicking. The band then decide to have a pretty intense bash at post metal sludge for a bit before pitching into blackened doom. And then it’s over – just like that, leaving you slightly bereft.

Stylistically, everything Ya̧nomamö turn their hand to here is executed perfectly and the performances, especially of vocalist von Grimm and drummer Matthew Shriffer are superb. Most importantly, at all times this sounds like it was a blast to make and is a blast to listen to. Great stuff and I’m sure they have a pretty decent album in them.

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