Wilson - Full Blast Fuckery“Full Blast Fuckery” is the debut full-length album from Detroit five-piece Wilson. Showing absolutely no props to the musical heritage of their city, Wilson are a punk metal band whose roots sound embedded in New York rather than the Motor City, home of luminaries such as the MC5 and The Stooges.

Things start off in a feisty, throat-shredding manner on ‘My Life My Grave’ but second cut ‘Better Off (Strictly Doods)’ is more representative of the band’s direction. There is the stomp of Anthrax and the sass of Warrior Soul but there is an almost emo feel to the clean vocals on the chorus and the instrumental breaks which have serious designs on mass appeal. The band do manage to gel their various influences very well, as few of the stylistic changes jar and none of it steals too obviously from their peers. Those stylistic variations really come to the fore on video single ‘College Gangbang’ (said video features hardcore… tambourine action!) where the band’s breakdowns and screams of Chad Nicefield are blended with a saucy Mötley Crüe-style chorus, which despite raising an eyebrow does insinuate itself into your brain after a couple of spins. It’s kind of like hearing the history of Pantera in reverse, going from hardcore metal to glam in 3 minutes.

That tune pretty much sets the template for the rest of the album – hard hitting pit-starters with slightly cleaner, hook-laden chorus’s. Occasionally it turns too campy, as on ‘Snake Eyes’ where Nicefield announces the guitar solo like a total dumb ass. However, this is clearly a band with a healthy irreverence for the rules of metal – witness the 46 seconds of black metal-baiting ‘Viking Pussies Fuck Off’, a song which is far too short as it’s a stormer akin to The Dillinger Escape Plan. Other standouts are the dramatic, domestic violence of ‘I Can Beat Your Dad’ and the vicious ‘Susan Jane’, which has hints of Slipknot, Gojira and Refused – all totally fine by me!

Wilson do, however, blot their copybook with me by ending with ‘Live In Corpus Christi’ – nothing wrong with the main tune: it’s a snarling beast of a number with a great breakdown made for headbanging married to another catchy chorus, but it has a false ending and I hate false endings on albums. I’m going to have to forgive them though, because after every listen I like this album more. Recommended.

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