After hearing their latest album “Arch Stanton“, I got the chance to grab a few words with Will and Evan from West Virginian stoner legends Karma To Burn before they embarked on their recent UK tour.

“Arch Stanton” features a heavy influence from Sergio Leone’s classic Western ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’. Was this the intention when writing?

Will: We did not intend to make a concept album based around anything, but the artwork is based on the Civil war era, roughly the same time period as the movie.

 Given the albums movie feel, could you see yourselves doing a film soundtrack or more conceptual album in the future?

Will: If [famously inept director] Ed Wood was still alive, yes.

Evan: That would be cool. A good film score can convey ideas without using words. We obviously have a lot of respect for that.

The band are now three albums into their comeback and sounding better than ever. Has the comeback lived up to expectations? What were the plans back in 2009?

Will: I haven’t scored a goal on my own team and had Pablo Escobar chase after me.

Evan: Thanks. I don’t think the plan was two line-up changes, but I think it’s been going well. We played Hellfest and Graspop last summer, both fucking ruled. The turn outs have been good everywhere.

You originally encountered a lot of problems with labels wanting you to be a purely instrumental band. With the music industry massively different to when you first started, how have you encountered any problems this time round?

Will: Have you ever seen the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote? We are the coyote.

Evan: Yeah, we had a few labels tell us the music “wasn’t marketable”. That’s nothing new for this band.

‘V’ featured a split of vocal and instrumental tracks, whereas this is purely instrumental. When do you make the decision on what approach the album will have?

Will: We wanted to get back to the purest form of Karma to Burn as an instrumental band.

Is there a chance of a fully vocal album in the future or maybe a double album with one side instrumental and the other featuring vocals?

Will: Probably not.

You have Desert Storm supporting you again in the UK after they previously shared a stage with you on your last visit here. They must have made a good impression last time round?

Will: Good band to be on the road with and they all give good head, and the twins are a delight.

Evan: Those guys are a bunch of hard working dudes, and they are awesome out on the road.

What can UK fans expect from the band during their August tour?

Will: We are going to everything we can do. We do more after 10pm than most people do all day.

Evan: Well, obviously the new songs and the new album. We are playing 17 shows in the UK so I don’t think we are skipping anyone.

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