While She Seeps haven’t had the easiest road as of late, what with the band having been sidelined slightly due to vocalist Loz having had throat surgery, leaving them to wait for him to recover. So, it was with much excitement and an equal amount of trepidation that fans gathered at Download 2014 and waited for the arrival of While She Sleeps on the main stage.

Looking out in to the crowd in the moments before they hit the stage, you can see six white While She Sleeps branded flags being brandished in the crowd, signalling that now is the time and the band is ready to come back stronger than they were before. While She Sleeps are definitely not here to fuck about and they make their presence known the minute they hit the stage, looking like they haven’t missed a beat, they look more dangerous and wild eyed than they ever have done.

They blast through a set that is like a powder keg exploding in your face, the songs from ‘This Is the Six’ land like bombs and the crowd is loving every minute of it. Any concerns about Loz‘s vocals are put to rest quickly as today he sounds like a man possessed, leaping and screaming about all over the place.

The end of While She Sleeps set see’s Loz grab a bright red flag with the While She Sleeps logo on it and make his way up the sound desk, where he hangs, waving it proudly.
While She Sleeps have battled adversity to make a triumphant return and on this day they have truly come of age.

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Photo credit: Danny North