Two behemoths of the festival circuit emerge for their triumphant return to the UK. A little overhype maybe? Well you tell that to the people eagerly awaiting these two titans return to the UK. After laying waste to Download and Bloodstock festivals respectively, Danish rising stars Volbeat and hardcore heavyweights Hatebreed have united for what can only be described as a match made in gig going heaven. In one corner, Denmark’s finest, sounding like the bastard love child of Johnny Cash, The Misfits and Metallica, and in the other, seasoned hardcore veterans Hatebreed, who have a history of stealing shows from the headliner. Before this show even began this felt like a clash for the ages.

It’s becoming an established fact that it takes a brave band to take Hatebreed out on tour, especially seeing as they have given the likes of Slipknot, Slayer and Machine Head a run for their money in recent years. Tonight is proof of why this is the case; as Jamey Jasta and company destroys literally everything in their path with the relative ease of playing connect four. Watching Hatebreed live is like a blast of controlled energy, its infectious and even though simplistic you would have to be some sort of miserable hipster who finds hatred in other people enjoying themselves to not enjoy Hatebreed live. Sure there was the odd too inspirational speech from Mr Jasta and the game of which side is going to win seemed to go on for the lifespan of several millenniums, but you cannot really argue with an entire room whipped up into frenzy. There is a reason most bands wouldn’t take Hatebreed on tour, as if you do you would have to be pretty damn confident in your live show to go up against this band firing on all cylinders like Hatebreed currently are.

Hatebreed‘s dominance over the evening should take nothing away from Volbeat though, who put on one hell of a show and have clearly amassed a of devoted followers on these shores in their short time coming over to this isle. But the bands chugging stadium ready anthems struggled to match the intensity and pace of Hatebreed to start with. The set managed to pick up around ‘Heaven Or Hell/Warriors Call’ and the band didn’t look back from there, smashing through their back catalogue of already arena ready tracks. The Likes of ‘Lola Montez’, ‘The Nameless One’ and the world conquering rendition of ‘Fallen’ sounded like already well established festival classics with everyone singing their hearts out. Michael Poulson also wins the inaugural ThisIsNotAScene award for awesome behaviour after crowdsurfing in order to give a ten year old kid a Volbeat T shirt, what a sound gentleman he is.

Tonight, Volbeat took one massive step forward in cementing themselves as one of the leading forces in contemporary rock, their songs sound as huge as would be expected from a band already touring the world in massive venues and they hold the crowd in the palm of their hands effortlessly. Despite this the night belonged to Jamey Jasta and his army of short clad hardcore brethren, who steal the show in effortless looking fashion.

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Photos by Sabrina Ramdoyal.