USA Out Of Vietnam – Crashing Diseases & Incurable AirplanesOn first look at this album when you see five tracks and an hour long running time, the first thing that springs to mind is that this will be a long drawn out doomy affair. But it soon becomes apparent that you couldn’t be more wrong. This album, “Crashing Diseases & Incurable Airplanes,” the debut from USA Out Of Vietnam, has some elements of doom, but also has plenty of pop, sludge, psychedelia, shoe gaze and just about everything else you could imagine. This remarkable effort from the Canadian band takes influences from right across the musical spectrum for something that is quite special.

After a slow building intro lead by a synthesized voice, a loud guttural growl welcomes in ‘Archangel’ over a slow menacing riff. The first few minutes hint at a slow crushingly heavy record, but there is much more to come. The song evolves slowly over its ten minute running time, and by the time the vocals come in, it has already become a totally different beast. Next up is ‘You Are A Comet, You Are On Fire’, the shortest track on the album coming at a shade under eight minutes. An instrumental, save for a spoken word sample towards the end that allows the album to flow, whilst changing direction as often as it does.

The album slowly adds new parts to it track by track such as orchestral vocal harmonies as it builds to add new depths. ‘Asphodel 1322’ and ‘Leg of Lamb’ are the most straightforward tracks on the album. Taking up nearly half an hour, they may not work as individual tracks, but in the context of this album as a whole, they really fit in well and add a lot more to the ambience of the album.

Overall, a fantastic album, especially when you consider that “Crashing Diseases & Incurable Airplanes” is a debut release from the Montreal natives. Citing influences ranging from the Bee Gees to Merzbow and ELO to Sunn O))) is a sign of how far and wide they get their motivation from and they have used such ideas to create something that is both heavy and melodic. To be able to put all this together so well, so early in the bands career is a credit to the vision of the members. Featuring 15 guest musicians aspread throughout the album, it is almost orchestral in its layering and style, and as such it is a huge piece of work. It would leave anyone struggling to sum it up and describe it without listing a series of conflicting sub genres. A stunning album that will give you something new every time you listen to it.

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