underground fight club - stSo one day I am driving into work and I flipped on Octane, as I had listened to the CD in my car nonstop for 2 weeks. Time for a change, on comes this song ‘Top Shelf’ by a band called Underground Fight Club it was the debut of it on the Sirius network.

The song was catchy and had a good vibe to it, it really gave me a jolt of energy on my way to work. Fast forward a few hours, the song was still stuck in my head, so I headed on over to iTunes to see what else they had and I found their 3 song EP which was produced by Trevor Kustiakd (Evans Blue, Rains) and bonus it had ‘Top Shelf’ the current song earwormed into my brain. Wanting to know more about the band I did some research on them the members are Kurt Beleck on vocals, Zinc on Guitar and Crosscut on on bass and one former member known as The Godfather.

These guys are signed by Sounds + Sights and hail from Sterling, Michigan. After talking with them about the metal show I DJ, I have learned that Zinc and Kurt have been friends since the age of 3 and were both influenced greatly by music when they were younger. Crosscut ended up becoming friends with Zinc in the school band and ended up forming this group and recording early on while they found their musical style. They did have a little change in direction while Crosscut did a stint in the Army but the minute he came back from Afghanistan they went right back to it and this EP is the end result of this friendship and musical blending.

I had already heard ‘Top Shelf’ so I went ahead and gave the other 2 a spin. ‘Lights Out’ starts gritty but then goes into this rock/rap style that is appealing and gives the listener a feeling of wanting to have an anthem chant with the band. Then on comes ‘America’, the highlight track for me, a good message with some really good music behind it. To often with a track like ‘America’, you feel like you are being preached to, not so with this trio, good message good song. The style flows around Rap and Rock…I really don’t even have a definition for it but I think that they are lending themselves towards more hard rock. Curious about how the band came up with this name I came to find out they started as Hybrid Chaos and In this Life. But in the end the name became Underground Fight Club.

According to the band Underground Fight Club’s music is everything, the good the bad, the beautiful, the ugly; its life it’s death the truth and the lies and the band wants you to know that Underground Fight Club represents a way of life if you are a MMA fighter with a title, a musician reaching beyond the stars or just an everyday person that works the 9-5, everyone fights to make it in life.

Currently the guys are in the studio getting ready to drop a full album and are rehearsing getting ready for several local shows in the Tri city of Michigan.

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