Trioscapes - Digital Dream SequenceTrioscapes formed in 2011 and is a progressive jazz trio featuring Walter Fancourt on saxophone and flute, Dan Briggs on bass and Matt Lynch on drums and percussion. “Digital Dream Sequence” is the band’s second album and starts with the fierce title track: a high speed prog jazz run that is almost too heavy to actually be a jazz song. This speed is kept throughout the whole album and the band seems to play with a certain pressure as well.

You can hear a special King Crimson influence very often, not only because the music seems to revive the best jazzy moments of the early days of King Crimson due to the excessive saxophone playing. Also the complex bass parts hint at King Crimson‘s early 80s “Discipline” era. Don’t get me wrong: this isn’t a King Crimson rip-off. The trio has its very own sound, somewhere between jazz and progressive rock with a slight heaviness and chord progressions known from metal. Moreover – and very important to the band’s sound as well – the aforementioned pressure is created by the band’s high tempo and great precision.

The five songs differ in length certainly – from nearly four to more than 15 minutes – but the album works as a whole. Although there is a lack of atmosphere due to the bad production (more on that later) the songs manage to create some kind of flow that raises the listener’s attention and keeps it at a high level throughout.

Sadly the record is hopelessly overproduced. There is so-called brickwall limiting all over the whole album, resulting in the overall sound being a bit dull without any dynamics at all; instead there are a lot of distortions. This is very sad because the music is so great – but the sound isn’t. If only the album was produced properly… Still Trioscapes‘ “Digital Dream Sequence” is a very good album with many fresh ideas and a band at its best.

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