Triggerman - Origins, Lost Travellers & Rock n' Roll HeavenFirstly, an apology to all concerned: releases by Derry riff masters Triggerman have a habit of falling down the back of the digital sofa here at TINAS Towers. We were a little late bringing you news of their last fantastic mini album “Hail to the River Gods” and I’ve been meaning to give this 3 track E.P. – ”Origins, Lost Travellers & Rock n’ Roll Heaven” a listen for some time.

That mini album was swashbuckling in theme, which had me wrongly pigeon-holing them as a pirate metal, but this time the band have gone all theological, albeit skewed through the band’s crazy, beer goggled perception.

‘Origins of Man’ displays all the bands strengths; a riff of such simple majesty it puts a grin on my face as soon as it lurches out of the speakers and tongue-in-cheek lyrics (I hope!) about our beginnings on earth, to widen that grin. The songs construction is so neat it’s almost too damn cute, but also grimy and maniacal enough to beguile the hardest of rocking hearts. Once again lead singer Bap shines with his raucous bellow giving the band a sound like Tad Doyle fronting Clutch.

Middle track ‘The Lazarushian’ is less immediate, less comedic and lacking a killer chorus but it does have a cool solo.

It’s back to the bands high standards though on ‘Valhalla’ – a celebration of all the happy places we may go when we die. The band looking forward to “inner peace and whisky and beer” to the usual backing of low slung dirty great riffs so substantial you can almost take bites out of them as they blow past in the air.

Play. It. Loud.

I hope we can a full length album from these guys someday and I promise to bring you news of it a little quicker, should that happen.

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