Tomorrow Come The Wolves - Love Is The LawRemember the days of MTV Europe, Alternative Nation and 120 minutes. Well, Tomorrow Come The Wolves have released an EP which harks back to the good old days with this short, punchy 5 track EP, ‘Love Is The Law’. The Midlands based four piece fuse a few different styles together on this, their second release.

Lead by a fuzzed up guitar that brings back memories of early Mudhoney, in the way that the melody manages to fight its way through the thick distortion. This also slightly disguises the overall mood of the record as this EP deceptively edgy, giving more than a nod to some punk and hardcore influences. One listen to the lyrics shows an angry side which is perhaps hidden by the overall sound.

The EP opens with the short haunting intro ‘Coming Down’ before firing up into ‘Torn Thin’ with its repeated refrain of “It won’t be alright”. ‘OxBlood’ has the structure of classic Jesus Lizard. ‘Gentle as Blood’ is a pure 80 second punk blast. Altogether there are plenty of influences on show, maybe nothing massively original taken individually, but combined they make something that shows a hell of a lot of potential.

Despite a few bands trying to reclaim the sound of the early nineties, until now I have yet to hear anyone absolutely nail it, but these get closer than any I have heard before. If you like the aforementioned Mudhoney’s classic EP ‘Five Dollar Bob’s Mock Cooter Stew’ EP, then there is a fair chance you will love this. Their debut is available for free from their bandcamp page (after two separate releases of it sold out) and is highly recommended.

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