Tombs - Savage GoldAfter destroying most of the competition at this years Temples Festival, Brooklyn based post black metal behemoths Tombs have returned with their follow up to their critically acclaimed 2011 record “Path Of Totality” entitled “Savage Gold”.

The album finds Tombs on pretty familiar ground with “Savage Gold” keeping to the bands previously well established formula of effortlessly combining bursts of frenetic black metal with elements of Post Metal and hardcore. In short, “Savage Gold” does not stray too far from the path of the bands previous output.

However, “Savage Gold” maybe the album where the band have nailed their signature blend of razor sharp blasts of black metal, coupled with a crushing atmospheric sludge. This albums is the first time that the band have stepped outside of the ISIS type of atmospheric ambiance and truly embraced the heavy hammer smash of Neurosis-esque sound scopes. This is best shown on the track ‘Echoes’ which pretty much sums up everything great about the album, its fast, frenetic whilst at the same time being expansive and still sounding as if it’s going to bite your face off in seconds.

The album has clearer production value than “Paths Of Totality” with a mildly cleaner sheen on the surface, but not to deter anyone away who may think that cleaner sound is a buzz word for dumbing down or even selling out. This just means that you can hear every layer of ferocity and savagery crystal clear from the first second to its last.

In conclusion, “Savage Gold” has taken the best approach possible in working on a follow up to an album as popular and monolithic as “The Paths Of Totality”, take the ideas that worked from the previous album and improve them as much as possible and that’s exactly what Tombs have done. With better riffs, atmospheric sections and black metal elements as well as a great production job “Savage Gold” is what all follow ups should try to be.

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