Hang The Bastard. The band whose name you can’t write in mainstream media without using some stars, but also the name of one of the UK’s premier doom metal bands, which continues to go from strength to strength. We caught up with Tomas Hubbard (Vocals) and Simon Grubb (Drummer) out and about over the summer to discuss their new album “Sex in the Seventh Circle” and how it feels to have their name on the same posters as the Holy Trinity of Black Sabbath, Metallica and Iron Maiden in the same weekend.

So, I’m just gonna come right out and say it. Playing with Black Sabbath and playing Sonisphere in the same weekend, you guys must be over the moon right now?

Tomas: Yeah, it’s overwhelming. We were saying this in interviews earlier on, it’s just mad to think isn’t it. I never thought we’d be doing two prestigious shows like this back to back.

Simon: Considering Sabbath is everyone’s main influence, it’s a special gig for us to do that. To be honest the lineup at Sonisphere is amazing as well.

How did the British Summer Time gig with Black Sabbath go?

Simon: Being a London show, and us being a West London band, it was a bit easier to do.

Tomas: What was really nice about it, was my mum, dad and sister all came down. I mean we’re called Hang The Bastard, and we play sludge shows, but yesterday had a really nice family vibe to it, it was in Hyde Park and it was nice and relaxed, it was very pleasant.

You guys have got a new album on the way, have you guys got a release date and title for me?

Tomas: It’s called “Sex in the Seventh Circle” and it will be around mid September. I really want to go into HMV and ask for “Sex in the Seventh Circle” by Hang The Bastard. [laughs]

Do you guys get in a lot of trouble with that name?

Simon: I can’t say it in front of my mum… [laughs]

Tomas: My girlfriend’s nan actually calls us The Hanging Bastards. (Laughs), it’s HTB to us ain’t it.

Simon: What really surprised me was, I saw an advert for the Hyde Park gig on the tube and the name wasn’t blanked out at all, it was all there.

Tomas: Yeah, because usually they’d put a star where the second A in Bastard is, but it was literally all over London. The only time it was blanked out on Radio 1 during the day once.

So whats the deal with you guys going forward then. You’ve got the album out in September, then whats going on?

Simon: We will do a little tour around the release of the album, head over to Europe for a bit as well.

As it’s a festival type situation, and we love getting random. I’ve got some random questions here for you guys, so here we go. If you could cover any song by any other band, what song would you cover?

Tomas: I’m hopeless at this, I don’t write anything. I just write songs on a bit of paper and sing them in a voice people can’t understand. [laughs]

Simon: I would say ‘Monkey Junction’ by Weedeater.

Ok, second random question…if you could body swap with any other member of the band Freaky Friday style, who would it be and why?

Simon: Maybe Tomas for comedy value, no offence mate…

Tomas: I would be Sam Rice (Guitar) for a 24 hour period for the sake of medical research, I would do an analysis for studies.

So, Iron Maiden headlined Sonisphere, they have their own Ale out called ‘Trooper’ if you had your own alcoholic beverage, what would it be and what would it be called?

(Enter guitarist Sam Rice…)

Sam: It would be Grubbslaeger after our drummer Simon Grubb. [laughs]

Any closing comments?

Tomas: I think this is the maddest weekend we’ve ever done as a band, but I think its gone well on both days, and we couldn’t have asked for more.

Sam: Drink beer and listen to Slayer.

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