Theory of a Deadman - SavagesTheory of a Deadman fill the gap between popular rock, like Nickelback and Shinedown, and post-grunge, Alter Bridge and the latest Alice in Chains“Savages” opens with ‘Drown’ and it does progress like a classic modern grunge school, something you’d find on AiC‘s latest album. It’s catchy, melodic, slow and brooding but the album doesn’t capture the other side of the spectrum so well.

There are a number of good songs on this album, ‘Drown’ being the obvious choice but the catchy and tolerable melodies are prevalent in the title track and ‘Heavy’. These songs however would be singles. They’re good but not good enough to be a stand out track. The songs in between that should hold the real credit become fillers in an album that attempts to make it’s money through singles. The fillers attempt to play off the catchiness in the few songs but feel too forced and come off as unmemorable. The natural flow of progression isn’t integrated in this album but instead a disjointed affair between relatively catchy and unremarkable and uninteresting.

It’ll introduce people to the heavier rock that has been popularised by Nickelback which, once the elitists quieten down, is actually a good thing. A gateway band to get other people into newer unheard of music. The elitists don’t have to worry as they won’t become the next Nickelback despite being signed by Kroeger in 2001. They will however introduce younger people to better music which is surely a good thing.

The album isn’t brilliant but it has it’s moments. The three or four solid tracks are enjoyable and the filler is just enough to get by. Don’t expect to see it in too many Top 10s of 2014 but don’t put people down for listening to it. Sounds better with the Sun and a car, windows down.

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